Daily Archives: June 10, 2012

Friends, Fruit, and Food


Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. I thought I was on my deathbed (excuse my dramatic statement – being sick brings out the drama in me). I couldn’t eat or drink anything because my stomach was too upset, and really, there is nothing worse than not being able to eat because I looooove eating. I woke from my nap with a fever from being dehydrated and called on my Boston-mom/best frand to save me with some crackers and Gatorade, and save me she did! That’s why she is first on my happy list today:

1. M and D, and of course their pup Luna. I have never met more caring, fun, hilarious, passionate, and smart people before. EVER. I have known M and her family since I was born – our families vacation together in the middle of nowhere Canada. She has lived in the Boston area for almost 10 years now, so when I moved here in August of 2011, she and Dave took me under their wings. It’s almost like they are my Boston parents! We have dinner together at least once a week where M teaches me some new gluten free recipe secrets and D teaches me something new about the gossip section of Yahoo! news. I owe a lot to these wonderful people 🙂
M used to be my babysitter as a kid, and never lost her talent because she was pretty much babysitting me last night. Nothing cures a sicko like a pull out couch, a Matthew McConaughey movie, electrolytes, and pasta! I can’t tell you the number of times I heard, “Drink more liquid please”, “One more piece of watermelon”, or “What can I get you”. I told her I was here to tutor her in how to be a mommy when that day comes, and she’s definitely going to pass. She and her hubs are going to be the cutest, most loving parents! You’re welcome, you two 🙂


This is how good I look with a temp of 101. Luna is such a good nurse!

2. Nice weather in Boston. Living in New England has its perks and downfalls like everywhere else, but there should really be a disclaimer about the weather here: Beware of bipolar weather. Last week, we had 5 days of cold, dreary rain – that kind of weather really gets you down. But I gotta tell you, when the weather is nice, Boston is like a drop of sunshine on the tip of a kitten’s nose. Picture it. This weekend has been B E A Utiful…..and I’ve spent it inside in my bed. But I’m sure someone enjoyed it!!!! (looking at the positives here…)

3. Mastering the folding of a fitted sheet. This may sound silly but have you ever actually gotten a fitted sheet to look like it did when it first came out of the package!?! I mean really, high schools should teach this shit. I felt really proud when I got my fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillow cases in the case that they came from. My night was a good one 🙂

4. Fruit smoothies. There is nothing like a little somethin’ sweet, fruity, cold, and delish on a summer (late spring) day! Roomie made me and my future roomie a delightful smoothy today that really filled me up and gave me that little something sweet I need after just about every meal. And it was soo simple! All it had in it was:

  • frozen strawberries
  • banana
  • ice
  • almond milk

How awesome is that? And super healthy. Thanks Rooms 🙂

5. And lastly, I always enjoy an almost empty supermarket. When I go shopping at the MB for my weekly groceries, I leave feeling exhausted, rushed, and almost fluent in 5 different languages. Don’t get me wrong here, I looove the MB because it’s prices are so low I can almost justify getting my fourth pair of summer heels! But I decided to mix it up tonight and headed to the Star Market. It was pretty much empty and I had more than enough time to check out each and every kind of plum, cottage cheese, and organic frozen chicken fingers (they didn’t have my kind 😦 ). No crowded aisles, no people in the veggie section, and no throng of people waiting in line at the deli. I like my grocery stores the way I like my men: untaken with great service. Ooowwwww oww

Hope this weekend was a happy one 🙂