I can only breathe through one nostril…


I think I may be allergic to Boston. This morning greeted me with a scratchy throat, stuffy nose, and a sexy raspy voice. After sneezing my brains out yesterday, I tried to get to bed before midnight to give my little body a rest. No such luck. So I’m writing to you while sniffling and breathing through my mouth – so attractive.

None the less, Tuesday and Wednesday were good days because….

1. I had a sophisticated dinner on a friend’s rooftop in Boston Tuesday night. I felt so Carrie Bradshaw meets Pig Pen from the Peanuts because I was stanky having  just gone to the gym. We walked around Back Bay for a little (my dream residence – anyone want to buy lottery tickets tonight??) and found her apartment. So freakin’ cute. Everyone brought something to add to this impromtu dinner – brie cheese with baguette, guacamole and chips, bruscetta, salad, oh and I brought french onion Laughing Cow cheeses and potato chips. Only the classiest. We spent the evening on her rooftop sipping wine, telling stories (one included a particularly disturbing incident in a bathroom), and grubbing. I felt so cosmopolitan. What a fun night!!

2. The jubilant announcer on the T. Roomie J and I took the T (Boston’s metro system) into the city to meet the girls after work. Usually, the station announcers are anything but excited to be there. A typical announcement sounds like this: “Hahavad, doowas open on the left” if you can even understand it at all. But not this announcer. He was stoked, STOKED, to be alive that day. Literally singing the stop names. “MGH/Charlesss St stop dooooo doo la doo ba deeee” I looked around the train car and it brought a smile to everyone’s face, including mine. It’s so nice to see someone bring a little happiness into something mundane and ordinary like announcing the train stop. Thanks singing announcer man 🙂

3. A good interval workout on the treadmill. As I mentioned before, I got a gym trip in before dinner. Usually I go in with a plan as to what I want to do that day, but not this time. I got on the treadmill and made my own interval workout that proved to be a keeper. It looked like this:

Time (min) Speed (MPH)
0-2 3.5
2-3 4
3-8 6.5
8-10 4
10-15 7
15-17 4
17-22 7.5
22-24 4
24-26 8
26-28 4
28-30 8

30-35 cool down

4. This cookie from the caf across the street. Yes, it’s as big as my whole hand.


Yes, I’m eating at my cube. Whatever. I’m still cool.

5. And finally my happy thing from Wednesday: Dinner with M and D. M and I had plans to do some stair workouts, but the rain in Boston fell mainly…everywhere. So that failed. But we did get a wonderful homemade BBQ chicken pizza in! With some arugula of course. Gotta have those leafy greens!
M has got me hooked on Rizzoli and Isles – a show about two crime fighting babes in Boston. Pretty much the story of my life. This weeks episode was particularly scurrrrrry (I’m a wimp – the kind who, as a kid, used to run into the kitchen to “say hi to mom” during the scary parts of Disney movies. Snow White still scares me) and I was literally jumping out of my seat and cuddling with M’s legs. No worries, we watched something happy after it so I could be brave enough to enter my car. Anyone seen Bunheads? I’m still on the fence.

Saying goodbye to you all and saying hellloooo to allergy meds!


About comininhot

I'm starting a blog to make being happy my job. I have always prided myself in having a positive outlook on life and making the best of bad situations. Recently, a trying and terribly sad event has struck me and my family and it's been a lot harder than I thought to get back to my normal self. Writing down 5 things every night that made me happy, grateful, or just simply something awesome that I thought of or found has brought to my attention that no matter how sucky life may seem, there are always things to be happy about. Which is why I wanted to share with others how great life can be. I'm no inspirational speaker (nor is my life particularly super interesting) but I'm going to try my best to be awesome for you guys :) I hope you enjoy! Make it a happy one!

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