Today after work, I did some last minute vaca shopping at Target. I always like shopping here because one of my very best friends from Penn State is a manager at a regional store. I met Lyd in my honors frat (I’m not ashamed) my sophomore year, and we’ve been inseparable ever since 🙂 So whenever I buy something at Target, I feel like I’m supporting her, which I love to do.

I give her a thumbs up for sure!!

I bought some necessary supplies for my weekend getaway. It’s about a 2 hour drive to the Cape from Boston, so I’m going to pick up Em and D from the train station and hit the road. The most important part of this road trip is road snacks. It’s crucial to get some good grub to munch. Here’s what I got:

Could be worse…

I promise I’m a healthy person. But the car is not place to crunch on celery or nibble on cottage cheese snack-packs. I always crave sweets (no surprise there….) so that’s why I got the Twizzlers. My mom loves the Twizz, so it’s a little taste of home also. The  Beef Jerky is for D – apparently he’s on a kick. Whatevs, brother. Just trying to satisfy. Trail mix because we’re going to be mixing with trails, Popchips because I just discovered them and want to pop ’em in my mouth like it’s my J O B, and Goldfish because that’s a huge box and everyone likes Goldfish (the snack that smiles back). There are going to be 12 people at the Cape this weekend, so I figure we could all use some unhealthy snacks. Can’t wait!!!

Also on my shopping list was things I couldn’t live without:

  • Revlon “Flirt” nail polish. My toes need some love, people.
  • L’Oreal True Match foundation, in Buff Beige. I read about this in 5 Inch and Up, and she’s beautiful, so I’m taking a tip from an expert. Hopefully, this will end my search for a good foundation.
  • Spray sunscreen. It’s gotta be broad spectrum, people. Avoid the burn.
  • Hand sanitizer for my desk at work. You never know what’ll go down in someones cube, so be prepared.
  • Tom’s deodorant.  I hear it’s better for you than normal deodorant. Do you guys have any insight into that? Something about the amount of aluminum in it, I believe.
  • And those really cute yoga pants. I like the fold over kind with a fun print at the top. It’s the perfect pop of color in a normally dull lounging outfit 🙂

My loot

I don’t know when I’ll be able to wear the pants though…It’s still hot as tater tots out here and I can barely keep my clothes on in my apartment. Everyone is going at a significantly slower pace, which is probably why I haven’t worked out the last 2 days. I was telling Roomie R tonight that I feel MORE tired if I don’t work out, but it’s more of a mental and not physical fatigue, like after a workout. My plan is to wake up early to get a little exercise in before it gets too hot. We’ll see how I feel at 6:30 am….resist the snooze button!!!

Happy heat, everyone 🙂

About comininhot

I'm starting a blog to make being happy my job. I have always prided myself in having a positive outlook on life and making the best of bad situations. Recently, a trying and terribly sad event has struck me and my family and it's been a lot harder than I thought to get back to my normal self. Writing down 5 things every night that made me happy, grateful, or just simply something awesome that I thought of or found has brought to my attention that no matter how sucky life may seem, there are always things to be happy about. Which is why I wanted to share with others how great life can be. I'm no inspirational speaker (nor is my life particularly super interesting) but I'm going to try my best to be awesome for you guys :) I hope you enjoy! Make it a happy one!

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