Weekend Re-CAPE!


Welcome to the last week of June! Wait….how did this happen? It feels like just yesterday I was packing up my wonderful car Blanche with my entire life to move to Boston. A looot has happened since then – where did the time go, friends? It’s been a really trying year to say the least, and even though we may want to at times, it’s obvious that we can never stop this train. Just keep going. All the more reason to focus on the good spots in life 🙂

She’s all set for an adventure! The night before I drove to Boston…

1. I’m grateful for the whole weekend at the Cape. It was my first time to Cape Cod (did anyone else like my clever play on words in the title???). It seems like a right-of-passage for every Bostonian to go to the Cape at least once and I don’t blame them – it’s beautiful! Em and D were a bit late in getting here, so we didn’t get on the road until almost 9pm. There wasn’t any traffic at that time though, so we made it there easily. After some hugs hello, we hung out at the house drinking Sam Adams’ Summer Ale with the fans at full blast (still roasty toasty up here).  We woke up on Saturday morning not to an alarm clock, but to the kiddos jumping on the bed. After a delicious fruit and yogurt smoothy for breakfast, we all hit the beach for a nice long morning walk. The clouds hadn’t quite cleared, but this beach was gorgeous! The houses around it were unbelievable! I’m sure they have some awesome views!

I wonder what the taxes on that house must be…

So many shells, so little tree!

We came across a tree towards the end of our walk covered in shells. It has become a tradition to string a shell onto one of the branches of this old tree – maybe for good luck? It would be riCONCHulous if I didn’t MUSSEL up the strength to adorn this tree with another one! What SHELL I wish for? 😉

We went back to the house for lunch and changed into our suits for the beach again! It was my first time in the swim suit this summer, so I was pretty stoked to get some good sun time. The girls and D stayed on the beach with the little ones. They are so fun to be around – and very eager to get into the water. “Will you go in yet?”, “Has it been 5 minutes?”, or “How about now?” was reiterated a few times….but we did go in with them! At the end of the afternoon, they’d been in the chilly water so much, their little teeth were chattering!!! Time to rinse off at home…

They built a lot of sand castles, but their favorite part was wrecking it!

I know I know, I’m really tan. It’s a tough job, ya know?

Saturday night, we all went out to dinner as a family 🙂 I love being able to call them “Family” now because my sister is marrying D. We’ve known them forever and now it’s finally becoming official! This may have been my favorite part of the trip – just a simple seafood dinner chatting and cheersing away the night. A few of us decided to grab a drink at a local bar afterwards (in walking distance from the house). It seemed like everyone knew everyone – such a small town! I loved it.

I left Sunday morning because I had to be back in Boston to work. And I was really bitter about it because it was such a GORGEOUS day!! Oh well, I have another vaca coming up in a week so I can’t complain 🙂

2. Nutritious and delicious meals. Today, after work, I had time to go to the grocery store. I worked out in the morning today because I got to bed early enough that I wasn’t still unconscious at 6:30am. It wasn’t too bad…maybe I’ll retract my statement from before about morning workouts?
I bought all the essentials I needed to make this quinoa and black bean salad:


  • quinoa and black beans obvi…
  • red pepper
  • corn
  • green onions
  • cilantro
  • lime juice
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste

It’s so simple to make – just throw all the ingredients together! I made enough to last me a few days in lunches at work. I think I should do this every Monday. I like feeling prepared for the week ahead because I hate scrambling for random food to eat during the day when I’m running out the door in the morning. I especially like this meal because it’s so healthy and full of protein. Quinoa is a super grain and it’s packed with all kinds of healthy vitamins and minerals that are so beneficial to your health. I’ve been trying to eat more protein in my diet because I can’t seem to stay full for very long, and quinoa is a really good way to incorporate good protein and fiber. Thanks quinoa!!!

3. I had a fresh mango for dessert. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I was reeeally eager to eat it, and it was really messy (and I was watching the Bachelorette so I couldn’t leave the room to get my camera). Fruit in the summer time is hands down, bar none, most definitely, unerroneously the best thing ever. Pass me the berries, the nanners, and the watermelon, the pineapples and the cherries. I like them all! Such a good dessert too.

It’s going to be a busy week!! Happy trails 🙂

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I'm starting a blog to make being happy my job. I have always prided myself in having a positive outlook on life and making the best of bad situations. Recently, a trying and terribly sad event has struck me and my family and it's been a lot harder than I thought to get back to my normal self. Writing down 5 things every night that made me happy, grateful, or just simply something awesome that I thought of or found has brought to my attention that no matter how sucky life may seem, there are always things to be happy about. Which is why I wanted to share with others how great life can be. I'm no inspirational speaker (nor is my life particularly super interesting) but I'm going to try my best to be awesome for you guys :) I hope you enjoy! Make it a happy one!

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