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Vocab and a Crunch-y Dinner


 Thursday was a surprisingly productive day. It’s my longest day of the week because I go straight from work to work at the gym. Come 9:00, I’m finally on my way home!

1. A lot happens between my 7:45 wake up time and closing the gym. Today, I did a lot of practice GRE Verbal Reasoning problems. Take a look at my notebook that is quickly filling up with vocab words…


That isn’t even the half of it!

My job stress ebbs and flows throughout each quarter – in the middle, I get super busy, and days seem to fly by (this is what I like). At the very beginning and ends, however, it’s pretty slooowww (I’m in that phase right now), but luckily I have some free time to study for the GRE. It’s a more productive way of spending my time then on Pinterest. Let’s be honest: as much as I enjoy learning 101 ways to use a mason jar, it’s not going to help me in my career. I may be inundated with vocabulary in the GREs, but soon it will not be so abstruse, and I will appear trenchant with my mellifluous new way of speaking. No need for acrimoniousness.

Did I do that right? I’m still working on it…

2. Work 2.0 – the gym. I really like working at the gym because usually the people I’m stuck with for 4+ hours are fun to talk to. That’s the case on Thursdays; we always make the best of our time behind the desk and talk about the strangest things. It cracks me up!

I had some free time before work to grab some dinner, so I decided to go outside of my normal Au Bon Pain sammy or salad and go to Clover. This restaurant is pretty cruchy, as in straight from the ground, hipsterish, vegetarian, whole foods kinda place, so I was a bit skeptical. The greeting crew was really friendly and walked me through the steps and explained the dinner menu to me. I decided on this egg and eggplant pita with cucumber salad and hummus. It came with a side of tahini sauce. Don’t be alarmed by the green drink – it’s lemonade mixed with terragon.

Very skeptical right now…

Little did I know that this meal would be delicious!! The eggplant was cooked to perfection and the egg and cucumber and hummus just went sooo well together. It was full of protein, so I wasn’t hungry at all for the rest of my shift. I wasn’t really into the tahini sauce, so I stayed away from that. The whole week pita was made in the store and extremely fluffy and yummy. Even the strange lemonade was surprisingly good 🙂 I will definitely be making other stops into Clover to check out more of their ambrosial grub!!! (look at me integrating my new vocab already!)

The eggplant is soo thick!

3. Also at the gym – one of my coworkers is going to a Sugar Ray concer this weekend. That’s right – the 90s band that sang Fly . Apparently they’re still performing! Good for them! She wanted to catch up on her Sugar Ray tunes, because she hadn’t been keeping up with them for the past 20 years…(it’s still crazy to think that the 90s were 20 years ago!!) We tuned into the Sugar Ray Pandora station during our shift behind the front desk, and had such a good time listening to these throwbacks! If you love The Goo Goo Dolls “Slide”, Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me”, “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve, or just about any awesome song from the 90s, then you’ll love this station! It’s definitely going to make more appearances in my headphones 🙂

4. Last, but certainly not least, I got back to my apartment tonight and immediately turned on Lifetime to watch Project Runway. I seriously love this show. This week’s challenge was making clothes out of candy. CANDY. There were licorice dresses, collars made from gummy sharks, and jelly bean laden peplums. You can’t even try to tell me that’s not awesome. You’re gunna want to see this episode.

Hope the coming weekend is grrrrrrrrrreat!



Trying to be a Student Again


Sorry this post is a little late, I couldn’t keep my eyes open last night because SOMEONE kept waking my up at the crack of dawn this weekend to have breakfast and go for a walk:

1. LUNA!

Luna always needs to have a toy in her mouth when we go for a walk – that’s Foxy

M and D are out of town for a bit, so I took care of their pooch Luna for the weekend. We went on countless walks and had some snuggle fests while watching some trashy TV – it’s her favorite! Having grown up with many many animals in the house, I miss having a dog in my life, so I’m happy to get my fix in with the Loony Tunes 🙂

2. You will be proud (or you should in any case) that my ab exercise that I previously mentioned has proven to be a standard in my workouts every other day. That’s right, I’ve successfully kept up with something for a whole week! A record. The routine isn’t too bad either. Remember how I said I hate abs workouts? Well this may just change my views! I just had to find a good set of exercises to get me pumped (literally and figuratively).Vacation starts in 10 days – finally! – so my abs best be in tip-top shape.

3. I’m still trying to sort out my new OT grad school life course. The more I look into it, the classes, the schools, the career, I get more excited! Something that every grad school student needs in order to go to school – the GRE. Ugh, it’s like the SATs all over again. Except bigger and scarier. Not to mention that I haven’t had a math class in 5 years and my vocabulary is anything but developed. These are all things that I need to work on. Luckily, both of my roommates have either taken the GRE or are currently studying for it, so the three of us have all the prep work we need to ace this thing! I just borrowed a book tonight and I can’t wait to get into it! Ironically, that’s not totally a lie – I used to love math, so hopefully it’ll come back to me.

Gotta get through these puppies…

After reading the first example question, this was my feeling:

Oh $*!#

What’s the formula to get the area of a circle? What the heck does “panegyrical” mean? And who cares what the passage was mainly concerned with? This is definitely going to take some time…
Anyone have any suggestions as to how to study? My plan was to study on my own for a while and then take a practice test, assess how I did, and either sign up for a class ($$$$$) or keep studying by myself. I just have to keep in mind that this isn’t the only thing that gets me into school.

4. I saw the most fitting quote on Pinterest today:

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

This is exactly why I started my blog. Today is a perfect example: I had the most boring day at work today and left feeling discouraged and frustrated. But I went to the gym (successfully and painfully completing the 300 abs) and then came home to make dinner with my roommate. We watched Design Star together and had a pretty awesome time talking about GRE bull. I’m going to bed tonight in a way better mood then at 5:00. The little things can really change your attitude, and your outlook, so keep an eye out for things that make you happy!


Think like a Lady, Look like a Spartan


Well my wish was granted – Boston definitely experienced some heavy summer storms tonight. Walking to the gym from work, I was getting sooo soaked that I just stood under the awning of a restaurant until the rain let up. At least the humidity is somewhat gone. Although my apartment is still over 80 degrees….That’s what I get for not buying an air conditioner.

1. I did end up making it to the gym through the monsoon and got a pretty decent workout in before dinner. It started with a run/walk on the treadmill. My knee has been acting up recently – I had patellofemoral syndrome and sometimes it acts up in my right knee – so I didn’t want to go too hard on it. I’m just thankful I can get any running in!

I’m trying this new thing at the gym: it’s called ab exercises. I’ve never really been a fan of these so I get really lazy when it comes to them at the gym (aka three sit ups and I’m kapoot). This is why my upper body strength is lacking. But HARK! This is why Pinterest was invented! Follow me 🙂 I found the best ab work out that gets my muscles sore each time.

It’s supposed to get me abs like these:

so wish me luck. He’s saying “ANYONE NEED A WASHBOARD? I’VE GOT ONE HERE!” Hopefully, if I keep these up every other day, I’ll be seeing results for my vaca in 2 weeks! Let’s get ready to rumble!  THIS IS SPARTAAAA!

2. I’m really proud of my dinner. I got the idea from a recipe I saw on PBFingers, so I stopped at a local food market after the gym to pick up some ingredients:

chicken sausage
soy sauce

Does this fork make the cauliflower look fat?

While the rice cooked, I sauteed the cauliflower with the sausage in a little olive oil. I used a roasted garlic chicken sausage – so yum. I added the spinach at the very end, just to get it wilted. I mixed it all together with the rice and a splash of soy sauce, and chowed down while watching America’s Next Top Model. There’s nothing like watching models while stuffing my face. Oh, and I had one of last night’s cupcakes for dessert. Tyra would be proud….

Model’s aside, this meal was delicious!! And sooo super easy 🙂 Would be good as leftovers for lunch the next day as well.

Dinner is served!

Once Thursday comes, my brain pretty much tunes out – it’s practically the weekend!! 😀

hot, Hot, HOT!


It is HOT  with a capital BLEH in Boston right now. I consider myself a southerner at heart and the heat to be a friend, but not this kind. It’s sticky and so still – no wind for relief. Bring on those summer storms! We need to cool off!

1. My first thing that I’m grateful for will definitely NOT cool things down, so beware those without AC because it’s about to get a lot steamier…

That’s right ladies, I saw Magic Mike with a group of gal pals! I would have been in line on the first day it came out, but alas, I was in Maine. So I saw it the week I came back and boy was it worth the wait just to see them dance. Channing Tatum may be referred to the Beyonce of men – the way he moves his little body makes women happy (in their pants). The story line was awful and didn’t go well with the stripping, but there was stripping (without their pants) sooooo….  And one thing’s for sure: if Channing and Matthew weren’t in it, it definitely would have been a bust (in your pants). Needless to say, it got a standing ovation (in my pants).

2. Secondly, this weekend was all about being outside and embracing the summer weather (however hot it may be). Roomie R and J and I went on an adventure on Saturday. Our plan was to find a beach, but a hangover and a little extra sleep made us find something a little closer. We stumbled upon a lake outside of the city to cool off and catch some rays. The water was perfect to wash off the alcohol  hard day’s work. There will definitely be more trips here during the short summer months!
Sunday was spent lounging on rafts in a friend’s pool about an hour outside of Boston. Seems like there is no water but the Charles River in Boston, and no one wants to go in there….We ate a ton of junk healthy foods and even got in some much needed movie watching exercise! (Side note, I actually did try the water weights but they befuddled me so it ended up more like an awkward splash dance.) What a productive day 😉 Not much sun, but still a wonderful time hanging with some favorites!

3. As most of you know, I’m new to the adult world and very unsure (read: freaking the f*ck out…) about what I want to do with the rest of my life. This is a very trying time for anyone: I’m literally still getting used to not being in college which stinks, and then deciding whether I want to stay or leave doesn’t help the stress levels. My most recent life course involves going back to school to get a masters in occupational therapy. The more I think about it, the more I get excited about my new prospect! It combines everything I want in a career: working with people, health promotion, and anatomy/physiology. Do you guys know any OTs or know anything about the job or have school recommendations? Obviously, I have a lot of research to do so I can’t wait to get started!

4. Dinner tonight with M and D! M knows just what to make for a hot summer meal. Tonight, we grubbed on turkey burgers stuffed with cheddar cheese, arugula with honey mustard dressing and avocado, and a curry quinoa salad with nectarines. I know, it sounds too good to be true! Recipe can be found on her blog: Meg’s Food Reality.

My favorite part was the quinoa salad – the sweetness of the nectarine went so well with the curry. YUMM!

After dinner, I got needy and “suggested” we make a cake! M and I drove 2 minutes to a super market to get gluten free cake mix along the with accoutrements and got to work right away. As the cupcakes cooked in the oven, we watched Rizzoli and Isles….well M watched and I screamed and gasped because I’m a wuss. Here is the finished product, including M’s homemade icing:

ommm nomm nomm

They were thanking me for the request by the end of the night 🙂

5. And last but certainly not least, I found out I’m bunking with this beast for the weekend:


M and D are out of town for a few days and I’m taking their wonderful pup Luna for the weekend. I seriously can’t wait – I’ve always grown up with at least 3 dogs, so I really miss a dog’s company. We’re going to have a girl weekend together. Can you say babe magnet?!?

You stay classy, San Diego! (haha that movie makes me happy!)


Maine – the way life should be


Please excuse my three week hiatus. I beat off 4 assassins from a dashing young Australian man on the beach and they dragged me into solving a mystery in the depth of an African desert that would bring the world to a devastating end – a French conman was corrupting the Earth’s oceans with poison that would kill us all within days. You’re welcome. I needed every minute of those three weeks (especially those last few days at the end to run away with that same Australian to his villa in the Maldives to celebrate…obviously).

Wait, I’m confusing my life with Dirk Pitt. Happens more often then you’d think.

Anywho, we have so much to catch up on! The next two posts are going to include the things that made me happy in the last 3 weeks, but this one is going to be strictly about my vacation. Since this is my first summer as a “real person”, I treasure my vacations as if they were the aforementioned Aussie. Needless to say, I was excited. Every year, my family travels to a small town in Maine to spend July 4th on the beach. It’s like walking back into  time – there is one small store that sells everything from squeaky toy lobsters to salmon and couscous salads. There’s a marina, a nunnery, and a country club. And lots of beach 🙂

Tide pools appear at low tide – kids love them! Who wants to make a drippy castle?

They call this “Big Beach”. I wonder why.

One day, my godfather, an old friend of my dad’s, took us all on a sail on his boat. It was amazing! I enjoyed the scenery by sitting on the netting in between the boat hulls and ducking when the boom came in my direction (am I even making sense?). He was in charge of the sailing. I took so many pictures this day – the weather was perfect! – so I’ll show you some of my favorites:

Our faithful water and sailboat guide.

The happy couple on the nets.

I even had a Titanic moment with myself.

What? I’m supposed to be looking towards to far off sunset on the horizon and in the arms of a cute American on his way back home? Yea, well he missed the boat. Those dreams sank in the middle of the Atlantic, if you will.

Back to the vaca…Every Fourth of July, the town has a parade where people dress up their bikes, boats, fancy old cars, and dogs and parade down main street. Every year, we grab some coffee and bring it to the end of our driveway to cheer on the paraders. They throw candy to us onlookers- my favorites are banana Laffy Taffys. I’m pretty sure I’m going to love this tradition until the day I die. It’s so American 🙂

Later that day on the beach, D and I made a stellar sand castle, carrying on our 2nd annual tradition of making every kid on the beach jealous. Behold:

Complete with 4 chambers, 5 towers, a moat, and 2 bridges. Excellent views of the beach. Movie theater and recording studio in the basement. Offer ends at high tide.

Our last night, we celebrated by getting fresh Maine lobstas (wicked good) and eating them on the beach. There is nothing quite like cracking a lobster shell with a rock on the beach and then throwing the shells to the sea gulls. The gulls gotta eat.

Looks like the perfect table to me!

The sunsets here are out of this world! Boats and lighthouse provide a backdrop that even Winslow Homer couldn’t dream up.

“The Great Pond”…I guess they were lazy the day they named things here.

Those colors are electric!

It was a much needed week with a lot of time spent with friends and family. I’m glad we could all make it for the whole week. This is a very special place to all that went, and it definitely meant a lot – this year especially. Stay tuned for the next post about last week – here’s a little hint: it includes a real dashing Australian man 😉

Say goodbye, Lois the Lobster! She had a good life until everything boiled over and she cracked.