Maine – the way life should be


Please excuse my three week hiatus. I beat off 4 assassins from a dashing young Australian man on the beach and they dragged me into solving a mystery in the depth of an African desert that would bring the world to a devastating end – a French conman was corrupting the Earth’s oceans with poison that would kill us all within days. You’re welcome. I needed every minute of those three weeks (especially those last few days at the end to run away with that same Australian to his villa in the Maldives to celebrate…obviously).

Wait, I’m confusing my life with Dirk Pitt. Happens more often then you’d think.

Anywho, we have so much to catch up on! The next two posts are going to include the things that made me happy in the last 3 weeks, but this one is going to be strictly about my vacation. Since this is my first summer as a “real person”, I treasure my vacations as if they were the aforementioned Aussie. Needless to say, I was excited. Every year, my family travels to a small town in Maine to spend July 4th on the beach. It’s like walking back into  time – there is one small store that sells everything from squeaky toy lobsters to salmon and couscous salads. There’s a marina, a nunnery, and a country club. And lots of beach 🙂

Tide pools appear at low tide – kids love them! Who wants to make a drippy castle?

They call this “Big Beach”. I wonder why.

One day, my godfather, an old friend of my dad’s, took us all on a sail on his boat. It was amazing! I enjoyed the scenery by sitting on the netting in between the boat hulls and ducking when the boom came in my direction (am I even making sense?). He was in charge of the sailing. I took so many pictures this day – the weather was perfect! – so I’ll show you some of my favorites:

Our faithful water and sailboat guide.

The happy couple on the nets.

I even had a Titanic moment with myself.

What? I’m supposed to be looking towards to far off sunset on the horizon and in the arms of a cute American on his way back home? Yea, well he missed the boat. Those dreams sank in the middle of the Atlantic, if you will.

Back to the vaca…Every Fourth of July, the town has a parade where people dress up their bikes, boats, fancy old cars, and dogs and parade down main street. Every year, we grab some coffee and bring it to the end of our driveway to cheer on the paraders. They throw candy to us onlookers- my favorites are banana Laffy Taffys. I’m pretty sure I’m going to love this tradition until the day I die. It’s so American 🙂

Later that day on the beach, D and I made a stellar sand castle, carrying on our 2nd annual tradition of making every kid on the beach jealous. Behold:

Complete with 4 chambers, 5 towers, a moat, and 2 bridges. Excellent views of the beach. Movie theater and recording studio in the basement. Offer ends at high tide.

Our last night, we celebrated by getting fresh Maine lobstas (wicked good) and eating them on the beach. There is nothing quite like cracking a lobster shell with a rock on the beach and then throwing the shells to the sea gulls. The gulls gotta eat.

Looks like the perfect table to me!

The sunsets here are out of this world! Boats and lighthouse provide a backdrop that even Winslow Homer couldn’t dream up.

“The Great Pond”…I guess they were lazy the day they named things here.

Those colors are electric!

It was a much needed week with a lot of time spent with friends and family. I’m glad we could all make it for the whole week. This is a very special place to all that went, and it definitely meant a lot – this year especially. Stay tuned for the next post about last week – here’s a little hint: it includes a real dashing Australian man 😉

Say goodbye, Lois the Lobster! She had a good life until everything boiled over and she cracked.


About comininhot

I'm starting a blog to make being happy my job. I have always prided myself in having a positive outlook on life and making the best of bad situations. Recently, a trying and terribly sad event has struck me and my family and it's been a lot harder than I thought to get back to my normal self. Writing down 5 things every night that made me happy, grateful, or just simply something awesome that I thought of or found has brought to my attention that no matter how sucky life may seem, there are always things to be happy about. Which is why I wanted to share with others how great life can be. I'm no inspirational speaker (nor is my life particularly super interesting) but I'm going to try my best to be awesome for you guys :) I hope you enjoy! Make it a happy one!

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