You’ve made it to my blog! It makes me happy to see people stopping by 🙂 In fact, so many things make me happy, that I wanted to put them all in one place so that I can always have my most favorite things at my fingertips. This is just a daily (hopefully) blog that lists a few things that have made me happy, thoughtful, grateful, passionate, emotional, kind, or just about anything awesome during the day.

Oh my gosh look, that statue is doing exactly what I’m doing….

Some things that I would put on my list every day if I could: My family. They’re the best relatives I’ve ever had. Penn State. I spent 4 years there and it was indescribably wonderful. PSU is one of my happy places 🙂 Yellow. It’s my favorite, what can I say? Horses. Although I never had one (I’m definitely not bitter about having never received one although I asked since I was 7………….), riding will be one of the few times when I completely forget about everything else and focus on me and the horse. Try it sometime. And lastly, duh, shoes. I’ve legit already picked out my Badgley Mischka wedding shoes. I mean, it’s fine.

I can tell by the way you’re eyebrows are furrowing at the screen that you’re wondering where the title came from. Well, wonder no further. My mother has only called me by given name (which just so happens to be my middle name) probably 9 times in my entire life. Over the years, I’ve been given many nicknames, which is great because my name is so easy to give nicknames to – Burrito, Bri, Bobbaloo, Bobby, Bro, Brites (pronounced breeeeeetes), B, Brutus, Brooty toots (I promise I don’t fart THAT much), and by some: Bruteshot. That last one had a lasting effect and even started to evolve into phrases, like “Bruteshot right on the spot”. Or “Bruteshot comin’ in hot”.  I thought it was apprope for my blog for some reason. I’m enjoying it so far. I hope you are too!


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