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Think like a Lady, Look like a Spartan


Well my wish was granted – Boston definitely experienced some heavy summer storms tonight. Walking to the gym from work, I was getting sooo soaked that I just stood under the awning of a restaurant until the rain let up. At least the humidity is somewhat gone. Although my apartment is still over 80 degrees….That’s what I get for not buying an air conditioner.

1. I did end up making it to the gym through the monsoon and got a pretty decent workout in before dinner. It started with a run/walk on the treadmill. My knee has been acting up recently – I had patellofemoral syndrome and sometimes it acts up in my right knee – so I didn’t want to go too hard on it. I’m just thankful I can get any running in!

I’m trying this new thing at the gym: it’s called ab exercises. I’ve never really been a fan of these so I get really lazy when it comes to them at the gym (aka three sit ups and I’m kapoot). This is why my upper body strength is lacking. But HARK! This is why Pinterest was invented! Follow me 🙂 I found the best ab work out that gets my muscles sore each time.

It’s supposed to get me abs like these:

so wish me luck. He’s saying “ANYONE NEED A WASHBOARD? I’VE GOT ONE HERE!” Hopefully, if I keep these up every other day, I’ll be seeing results for my vaca in 2 weeks! Let’s get ready to rumble!  THIS IS SPARTAAAA!

2. I’m really proud of my dinner. I got the idea from a recipe I saw on PBFingers, so I stopped at a local food market after the gym to pick up some ingredients:

chicken sausage
soy sauce

Does this fork make the cauliflower look fat?

While the rice cooked, I sauteed the cauliflower with the sausage in a little olive oil. I used a roasted garlic chicken sausage – so yum. I added the spinach at the very end, just to get it wilted. I mixed it all together with the rice and a splash of soy sauce, and chowed down while watching America’s Next Top Model. There’s nothing like watching models while stuffing my face. Oh, and I had one of last night’s cupcakes for dessert. Tyra would be proud….

Model’s aside, this meal was delicious!! And sooo super easy 🙂 Would be good as leftovers for lunch the next day as well.

Dinner is served!

Once Thursday comes, my brain pretty much tunes out – it’s practically the weekend!! 😀

hot, Hot, HOT!


It is HOT  with a capital BLEH in Boston right now. I consider myself a southerner at heart and the heat to be a friend, but not this kind. It’s sticky and so still – no wind for relief. Bring on those summer storms! We need to cool off!

1. My first thing that I’m grateful for will definitely NOT cool things down, so beware those without AC because it’s about to get a lot steamier…

That’s right ladies, I saw Magic Mike with a group of gal pals! I would have been in line on the first day it came out, but alas, I was in Maine. So I saw it the week I came back and boy was it worth the wait just to see them dance. Channing Tatum may be referred to the Beyonce of men – the way he moves his little body makes women happy (in their pants). The story line was awful and didn’t go well with the stripping, but there was stripping (without their pants) sooooo….  And one thing’s for sure: if Channing and Matthew weren’t in it, it definitely would have been a bust (in your pants). Needless to say, it got a standing ovation (in my pants).

2. Secondly, this weekend was all about being outside and embracing the summer weather (however hot it may be). Roomie R and J and I went on an adventure on Saturday. Our plan was to find a beach, but a hangover and a little extra sleep made us find something a little closer. We stumbled upon a lake outside of the city to cool off and catch some rays. The water was perfect to wash off the alcohol  hard day’s work. There will definitely be more trips here during the short summer months!
Sunday was spent lounging on rafts in a friend’s pool about an hour outside of Boston. Seems like there is no water but the Charles River in Boston, and no one wants to go in there….We ate a ton of junk healthy foods and even got in some much needed movie watching exercise! (Side note, I actually did try the water weights but they befuddled me so it ended up more like an awkward splash dance.) What a productive day 😉 Not much sun, but still a wonderful time hanging with some favorites!

3. As most of you know, I’m new to the adult world and very unsure (read: freaking the f*ck out…) about what I want to do with the rest of my life. This is a very trying time for anyone: I’m literally still getting used to not being in college which stinks, and then deciding whether I want to stay or leave doesn’t help the stress levels. My most recent life course involves going back to school to get a masters in occupational therapy. The more I think about it, the more I get excited about my new prospect! It combines everything I want in a career: working with people, health promotion, and anatomy/physiology. Do you guys know any OTs or know anything about the job or have school recommendations? Obviously, I have a lot of research to do so I can’t wait to get started!

4. Dinner tonight with M and D! M knows just what to make for a hot summer meal. Tonight, we grubbed on turkey burgers stuffed with cheddar cheese, arugula with honey mustard dressing and avocado, and a curry quinoa salad with nectarines. I know, it sounds too good to be true! Recipe can be found on her blog: Meg’s Food Reality.

My favorite part was the quinoa salad – the sweetness of the nectarine went so well with the curry. YUMM!

After dinner, I got needy and “suggested” we make a cake! M and I drove 2 minutes to a super market to get gluten free cake mix along the with accoutrements and got to work right away. As the cupcakes cooked in the oven, we watched Rizzoli and Isles….well M watched and I screamed and gasped because I’m a wuss. Here is the finished product, including M’s homemade icing:

ommm nomm nomm

They were thanking me for the request by the end of the night 🙂

5. And last but certainly not least, I found out I’m bunking with this beast for the weekend:


M and D are out of town for a few days and I’m taking their wonderful pup Luna for the weekend. I seriously can’t wait – I’ve always grown up with at least 3 dogs, so I really miss a dog’s company. We’re going to have a girl weekend together. Can you say babe magnet?!?

You stay classy, San Diego! (haha that movie makes me happy!)




Today after work, I did some last minute vaca shopping at Target. I always like shopping here because one of my very best friends from Penn State is a manager at a regional store. I met Lyd in my honors frat (I’m not ashamed) my sophomore year, and we’ve been inseparable ever since 🙂 So whenever I buy something at Target, I feel like I’m supporting her, which I love to do.

I give her a thumbs up for sure!!

I bought some necessary supplies for my weekend getaway. It’s about a 2 hour drive to the Cape from Boston, so I’m going to pick up Em and D from the train station and hit the road. The most important part of this road trip is road snacks. It’s crucial to get some good grub to munch. Here’s what I got:

Could be worse…

I promise I’m a healthy person. But the car is not place to crunch on celery or nibble on cottage cheese snack-packs. I always crave sweets (no surprise there….) so that’s why I got the Twizzlers. My mom loves the Twizz, so it’s a little taste of home also. The  Beef Jerky is for D – apparently he’s on a kick. Whatevs, brother. Just trying to satisfy. Trail mix because we’re going to be mixing with trails, Popchips because I just discovered them and want to pop ’em in my mouth like it’s my J O B, and Goldfish because that’s a huge box and everyone likes Goldfish (the snack that smiles back). There are going to be 12 people at the Cape this weekend, so I figure we could all use some unhealthy snacks. Can’t wait!!!

Also on my shopping list was things I couldn’t live without:

  • Revlon “Flirt” nail polish. My toes need some love, people.
  • L’Oreal True Match foundation, in Buff Beige. I read about this in 5 Inch and Up, and she’s beautiful, so I’m taking a tip from an expert. Hopefully, this will end my search for a good foundation.
  • Spray sunscreen. It’s gotta be broad spectrum, people. Avoid the burn.
  • Hand sanitizer for my desk at work. You never know what’ll go down in someones cube, so be prepared.
  • Tom’s deodorant.  I hear it’s better for you than normal deodorant. Do you guys have any insight into that? Something about the amount of aluminum in it, I believe.
  • And those really cute yoga pants. I like the fold over kind with a fun print at the top. It’s the perfect pop of color in a normally dull lounging outfit 🙂

My loot

I don’t know when I’ll be able to wear the pants though…It’s still hot as tater tots out here and I can barely keep my clothes on in my apartment. Everyone is going at a significantly slower pace, which is probably why I haven’t worked out the last 2 days. I was telling Roomie R tonight that I feel MORE tired if I don’t work out, but it’s more of a mental and not physical fatigue, like after a workout. My plan is to wake up early to get a little exercise in before it gets too hot. We’ll see how I feel at 6:30 am….resist the snooze button!!!

Happy heat, everyone 🙂

Finally swimsuit season


First of all, Happy Father’s Day!! We love you, Daddio Patio Furniture 🙂

Dad and his girls

This weekend was full of a lot of firsts. Gross, not that kind of firsts, geez. Let me explain.

1. Friday night I went out in Boston and explored new areas I’ve never been – mainly Kenmore square. I loved the feeling I had when I walked down Commonwealth Ave. Everytime I make it into a new part of the city, I wish I could move there. Boston just has this comfortable, picturesque essence to it that screams my name. My response? “Lower your rent, or wait until I win the lottery.” Needless to say, our relationship is a bit touch-and-go.
I ate at Eastern Standard and had the best time! The drink menu is out of this world – it could have been written in Arabic and I would have understood just as much. No simple gin and tonics here! I tried the Old Cuban (my favorite) and a Whiskey Smash (reeeeally generous on the smash….) For dinner, I had the steak tar tar followed by the lobster gnocchi. This girl’s classy 🙂

2. Saturday afternoon consisted of something that I never do. Riding bicycles. I know there’s a huge craze right now over indoor cycling, mainly SoulCycle, but sue me….it’s boring. Bikes just aren’t really my friend. And they make my bum hurt (do the seats reeeeally have to be that skinny??). But I put that aside and rented a real bike for the day to go with M and D on a trail ride. They biked the Minuteman Bike Trail before and raved about it, so I decided to switch up my workout routine on a Saturday and ride with them. It was beautiful! Through Arlington and into Lexington we rode, stopped for lunch, and flew back. We passed the cutest towns, huge ponds, lots of playgrounds, and marshy areas. The day was a little overcast and chilly, so the trail wasn’t too packed and we were able to zoom around as we liked 🙂  It was definitely a great way to spend the afternoon!

Minuteman Bikeway. Paul Revere actually rode a bike as the sign depicts. Little known fact.

3. Remember those awesome people I like to call my friends? Well they’re still cool. Sunday morning, we headed up to K’s house, after dropping off M at her all-year-long beach house, and had a much needed pool day. We left early to get there early because I had to leave early. Early. K’s wonderful parents made a fruit salad, homemade curry chicken salad, brie stuffed figs wrapped in prosciutto…what? Did drool just hit your keyboard too? It was delish! We were sooo grateful to get in our swim suits and soak in the sun. If even for a few hours, it was awesome. Thanksss K and family!

4. This cookie butter. Oh dear lord, I should have never bought this. It’s literally cookies trying to be peanut butter. I don’t know what to do with myself. I tried it today, and by “tried it” I mean forcefully stopped eating it before the whole thing was gone. Even the check-out guy at Trader Joe’s commented on how good it was. His exact words were “Have you ever had this stuff? It’s good on waffles, pancakes, fruit, toast, spoons.” I took him up on that last one for sure. My sister always says I have no self-restraint, which is true, so this week will be a true testament – can I keep myself away from the cookie butter long enough to be able to get into a swim suit this weekend? Only time will tell, my friends. May the force be with me.

5. I’m grateful for when Boston looks like this:

Jealous yet?

Taken on my way back to my apartment from a fitness class last week. Could be worse.

Oh and for those of you that can hear me sniffling and blowing my nose in a mile radius, I promise it’ll stop soon. It’s already gotten better!


Have a happy happy new week!!

Monday FUNday


Happy Monday, everyone! It was a beautiful day in Boston today, so I was naturally sad that I had to stay at my cube all day at work….but there are still things to be happy about!

  1. New friends. First thing’s first, I have really awesome friends. They would be on my list every day if that was acceptable. New friends that I’ve made up here in Boston in the last year and old friends from my childhood – both mean so much to me. My loyalties to them are so very deep. As K says in a slightly intoxicated text message, “Moon and bakcj and buses i’d jump in front of!” Girl, you know I’d jump in front of a bus and go to the moon and back for you too 🙂
    Something I’ve noticed about Boston is that it’s not the most outwardly friendly crowd. It was a lot harder than I expected to find good friends and feel like I had my own niche. That is what I had to do to really get Penn State, and when it clicked, damn it clicked gooooood! But I also realize that that was college – a bubble (40,000 person bubble, but bubble none the less) and everyone was in the same boat. Friends practically grew on trees in State College, PA. Boston is uuuuh…different. On the bright side, I’ve been here almost a year, and I feel like I have met some really good keepers 🙂 I am thankful for them every day because they make me laugh, help me remember Friday nights, introduce me to more wonderful people, and go boy hunting in Star Market with me. I wanted to give them some credit in the beginning of my blog, so that they are here for the rest of it. I like them a looooot.

    Some girls that definitely make the happy list!

  2. Old friends. I grew up in Maryland. Horse country, MD more specifically – where hunts, polo matches, steeplechases, and horse shows are second nature all year long. This is where my love for horses stemmed from. This is also where my love for my home friends stemmed from. There are too many stories involving these wonderful people that I am way too embarrassed to put on here. They know me in and out, and are always behind me in every step.
    Last Christmas, we set up a Secret Santa gift exchange. I had been sad about being so far from home in Boston, but L (oh what the heck!) gave me a framed quote that says “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you know they’re always there” and I’m looking at it right now on my desk 🙂 You guys are like my little stars that I don’t see fading for a veeeeeeery long time! We give each other a lot of shit, but I know that nothing could come between us. Our love is deeper than the ocean and wider than the……Wow, this is getting mushier than I expected. Not the time, nor the place. Just know all you lovers down in the “south” that I’m still there, I’m just a phone call or text or email or snail mail or page or smoke signal or delivery away. I will literally deliver myself to you guys if comes down to that. In a box. With Sex and the City reruns and unhealthy snacks included.

    Just some stars I know.

  3. Olive, my mom’s dog, had a successful ACL surgery today! She tore her ACL (I know, I thought the same thing…dog’s have ACLs? Doesn’t that only happen in basketball or lacrosse?) but she probably did it running after a squirrel that was already 20 feet up in a tree. Not the smartest cookie, but she loves to eat cookies! Olive is the sweetest Newfoundland we’ve ever had, granted, she is the first. Her hind leg was a’ hurtin so we knew the surgery had to happen. One BFF from home works at the animal hospital that operated on Olive. She sent me updates on her status, along with photos of Olive looking especially pitiful after the anesthesia wore off.

    She was sleepy with her tongue out. What a sweetheart!

    Thanks Liss!!! I’m so glad she was there for Olive’s surgery – she is the biggest animal lover I’ve ever met, aside from Ace Ventura, so I know she was in good hands.

    4. The Bachelorette. This show has me hooked, unfortunately. Roomie got me into it last season and I can’t stop watching. I have had to physically pull myself away from gossip magazines as to not spoil it for me and her this season (sorry about last season!). Tonight’s episode was pretty exciting. Sean is pretty much a dream boat and my favorite. How she hasn’t ended the show early and just taken him home with her in her pocket, I don’t know. That would have been my first thought.

    5. This feeling. It happens to me so often, especially when I listen to Beyonce. Something you should know about me, I have a large girl crush on Beyonce. She is so multitalented and beautiful and down to earth (if a diva COULD BE down to earth). I would definitely switch lives with Beyonce for a day, and literally dance the whole time. I’m not embarrassed to admit that one thing on my bucket list is to learn the Single Ladies dance. Anyone know a good dance studio in Boston where I can get started on that??

    Have a happy week!