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The First of Fall

The First of Fall

Some good looking gourds

Let’s not even mention the amount of between now and my last post. It’s embarrassing.

Welcome, Autumn! It’s been a long ~9 months without you, and finally you return with crisp, cool air, a pumpkinspice smell coming from Starbucks, and opportunities to whip out the tall boots once again. Yes, I’d say this is my favorite time of year with spring and summer a close second and third. Winter is only good until January 5. Then I’m over it and I become jealous of a bear’s ability to hibernate.

Two weekends ago now, I kicked off the change of seasons in style, starting with a barbecue in our backyard. We were celebrating the arrival of our roommate Jane (almost a month late, but better now than never!) and we invited our friends from every corner of Boston. Jane, Rosie and I started the morning off with a workout because we knew how much eating/drinking was to follow. After a trip to the grocery store and a B double E double R U N, we cleaned the apartment from top to bottom. It looked good, lemme tell ya. And look at this spread!

The Christmas tree really adds to the appeal

We made salads galore  – pasta with pesto, quinoa/veggie salad, chips of every kind, and M&Ms to top it off. Later in the night, the men manned the grill for burgers and hot dogs.

Roomies 🙂

I was glad to see so many people there, including some friends from Canada who live so close to me now! It’s crazy how two of my worlds are colliding now 🙂

Beer pong was played on my fancy travel beer pong set that I won at a Christmas party last year – definitely the right Secret Santa present for me! We also played a game of Rosie’s called Spike Ball, a combination of four square and volleyball, where you and a teammate have to spike the ball on the net to the other team, trying to make them drop/lose control of the ball. It took us a while, but it turned out to be a really fun game! Disclaimer – this game takes both hands and lots of coordination. Not for drink-holding. A night spent outside with some good friends? I’ll take it!

Sunday, after cleaning up beer bottles and nursing a slight hangover, I made my way to Meg and Dave’s for some apple picking up in Stow, MA to a farm called Sherburne Farm. It was a beautiful morning, so as you may have guessed, the farm was PACKED! I have never seen so many kids, babies, and strollers in one place – it was crazy! But as soon as we got into the apple orchard, everyone cleared out, and Meg, Dave and I could pick our apples in peace. Apples as far as the eye could see! No granny smith apples which are one of my favorites, but we got plenty of McIntosh’s, Empires, Cortlands, and Macouns. We filled our 20 pound bag of apples pretty quickly, so we explored the rest of the farm. Some cute animals for the kids (read: Brita) and a hay maze for the kids (read: Dave).

Perfect apple picking weather 


Presh little pony

To end the day right, we got some homemade apple cider donuts that didn’t last very long in my apartment. There’s nothing quite like fall 🙂

Sugar covered delights