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Looking for the little things


This week has been fairly unexciting to say the least. The 4 day weeks always seem to feel longer than a 5 day week – why is that??? Cruel torture. I’m pretty much on a post-vaca lull and don’t want be at work. Spending the whole weekend outside in the sun was too much fun, and sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day just isn’t cutting it right now. Luckily, Boston’s weather cooperated with that sentiment and rained on and off all week. That, plus a yucky muggy atmosphere, I guess I don’t mind the air conditioning too much (looking on the positive side).

I’m looking at the little things to make me happy:

I found this little token in my backpack while searching for my GRE flashcards (still studying!) and it brought a smile to my face:

Must be from Canada

There’s a small town near the small camp we go to in Canada with even smaller souvenir stores. This gem must have come from there. For those of you who don’t wish you were Canadian, the image on the left is an inukshuk – a structure originally built by the Inuits to mark trails, fishing spots, or good hunting places back in the day. We build them in Canada because they’re pretty (the one in my banner is on our little slice of heaven up in the wild North). I like having this in my bag all the time – it seems like the perfect token to guide my bike rides to safety 🙂

And speaking of art………….I miss art classes. Even in college, with the thousands of classes that Penn State offers, I didn’t take any art courses – not because I didn’t want to, but because I had used up all my general education classes freshman year on landscape architecture and horticulture classes (so much for my landscape architecture dreams…). My mom is an art teacher for kindegardeners (I know, how cute?) so I grew up with art projects out the wazoo. Every once in a while, I gotta get my art fix. In fact, I’m feeling crafty right now. My scouring of Morgan’s beach last weekend provided me with enough little pieces of sea glass to make something awesome.

Yes, even the brown ones are pretty!

Any ideas? I’m thinking of a picture frame, or simply filling a cool vase with it. I already have a lamp filled with sea glass, thanks to my mother. We’ve been sea glass collectors for decades now, so it’s in my blood to pick up any piece on the beach. This weekend, Katherine and I are planning on going to the SoWa market in Boston to get inspired and buy some local crafts. I’ve never been, and can’t wait to see the stuff (jewelry, paintings, photos, pillows, knick-knacks…but mainly jewelry) people have made!

I also made a new discovery today at the gym. Tonight, I attended an all-staff orientation at the gym (high fives for more than one job!) where we went over all the boring stuff most of us already knew. But we also got to test out a brand new not-so-little machine –  a water rower!

There is actually a tank full of water, so it’s like you’re actually rowing! And don’t worry about adjusting the tension like on those out of date “regular” rowers, the faster you row on these, the harder it gets. I saddled up thinking: whatevs, rowing is something I do at the gym to pass time, not my go-to machine for a hard workout. Two minutes on this water rower and I’m huffing like Michael Phelps after losing in the 400IM. I couldn’t believe how challenging it was – there was a two minute challenge to see who could row the farthest. After it started, I looked at the clock thinking “I’ve gotta be almost done…” and it had only been 40 seconds. I could feel it everywhere: back, legs, arms, pinky toes (?). But really, I’m going to have to try a fitness class using these! I love finding new ways to mix up my workout!

I’ve seriously been working for the weekends recently, and tomorrow is Friday, so that makes me a happy girl! Another bike ride to and from work on a gorgeous almost fall day? Check.


Oh Canada


What makes me happy, you ask?

These islands

These clouds

This camp

These people

And these people

And definitely these people

Please excuse my brief sabbatical as I was out of touch in the Canadian territories last week. Every summer, we spend a week in Canada with family and friends, many of whom will become family pretty soon! This small part of the Bay is incredibly special to my family, especially now. We have known these people our whole lives: learned how to water ski with them, had our first kisses, attempts at camping, late LATE nights talking on docks, and the occasional swim in the nude if you will. The time we spend up there is always one of my favorite weeks of the year, as in I’m already counting down the days to next summer’s trip. Here are some highlights of the trip:

  • Sang “Is This Love” with my best friend at the Hootenanny (and yes by the way, it is love)
  • Played countless games of Wastebasket and Family, and learned about a new terrible card game called Cards Against Humanity. Great for the dirty-minded and easily entertained.
  • Dipped in the skinny twice.
  • Learned how to drive a boat!
  • Picnicked, picnicked, picnicked.
  • Drank enough Canadian beer to last me to New Years.
  • And saw almost every person that I wanted to see 🙂

It was a successful trip!

The week after we leave Canada is literally the worst week of the year. There seems like nothing to look forward to and you realize that you have to wait another 365 days until the next time you’re there. It’s pretty depressing. So I wanted to sum up the trip and start with this week, since maybe I’ll have a soul and actually find a reason to get out of bed in the mornings.

On the schedule for this week: Be Positive!





I love endorphins


Today was one of those days where I just couldn’t wait to get to the gym after work. It was Monday – already off to a bad start – and I wasn’t feeling up to my full potential. I know a lot of people like to work out in the mornings, but that doesn’t work out so well (pun intended) for me. I feel rushed, tired, lazy and all I can think about is getting into the shower and catching the train to work. I end up drinking a lot of coffee to stay awake and then I’m completely dead by the end of the work day. After a long day like today, I really appreciate being able to relieve some stress at the gym. That’s why it’s my number 1 today.

1. The gym. I have learned, especially since graduating college, that the gym can create a drastic change in my attitude. Moving to Boston has proved to be difficult to say the least, but I’m definitely making it work. Going to the gym regularly not only makes me feel better about myself, it gives me a fresh look at issues I’m having, problems I’m facing, etc. The rush of endorphins that is released through physical activity really gets my positive juices flowing. I feel like a different person when I leave the gym, one that can handle most any obstacle!! (Insert Rocky music here)
I love changing up my workouts too, and learning new techniques or exercises, especially for the upper body. Does anyone know any good chest, arm, or shoulder work outs??? Someday, I’ll look like I do in this windbreaker….

I’m on a rock!

2. The other good thing about Mondays is the Bachelorette. I’m such a sucker. I’ve fallen in love with this show. I just have to know what happens!! Thankfully, Emily made the right choice with Ryan – he seemed like such a scum bag. Anyone that you are questioning should not stay in the game, amirite?!?! Also, Travis is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Move to Boston, Trav!!! What will happen next week, when Emily actually has to make a decision? You can’t have 6 men chasing you forever….

3. I booked my flights to and from Canada in August!! This place is like a home away from home – I have never missed a summer there ever. I’m already excited for it 🙂 More to come on Canada later.

4. The Cape this weekend!!!! Does anyone know any Cape-specific things I need to do? Can’t wait to see it and the family!