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WARNING: Contains Nuts


This is an optimistic blog, and I want it to stay that way, but man, I am having one of those days. Insert winey-voice here. I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning because my mood was sub-par all day. Work was blah and I didn’t have the energy to get myself to the gym come 6:00. I have always been the type that uses a good long gym session to make everything right in the world – there’s nothing like it to focus on what’s all jumbled up in your head and try to make sense of it. But it took a village to get me to the gym tonight. And to top it off, all the treadmills were taken (shocker – it’s still January) so I once again settled on the bike. I watched “King of Queens” to get me through the interval workout again, and just felt tired the whole time. Just goes to show how much my dad was right when he said “Attitude is everything”. Tomorrow, I will go to work a happier gal (albeit a colder gal ’cause Boston is expecting some snow tomorrow) and make the best out of any less-than-ideal situation that comes my way!

On my walk home from the gym, I started listening to Beyonce. She can really get me pumped up and out of any kind of terrible mood! I was walking to Whole Foods listening to “Countdown” and literally feeling like this with my sweaty hair, sneakers, and sweatpants under my big puffy jacket:


If I was braver, I would have belted out the words in the middle of the street! It was like I was her backup dancer in Single Ladies, Bootylicious, and Run the World all in one! Channeling my frustration into SMIZEing (thanks for the lessons Tyra) and stomping like a Diva is really quite effective! From there on, my night was looking up.

At Whole Foods, I got some ingredients to make this delicious dish I adapted from a recipe I found in Better Homes and Gardens. I just stir fried chicken sausage, onion, mushrooms, and spinach in a bit of olive oil while the pasta boiled, and voila! This was sooooo yummy!



Tomorrow, I’m having dinner with some very dear friends, and one new sister! (well sister-in-law-once-removed kinda). Anyways, I have salad duty, so my plan is to make a goat cheese, cranberry, and candied walnut salad. I couldn’t find any candied walnuts at Whole Food tonight, so I decided to make them myself. I found a really easy recipe using just 1/2 cup white sugar and 2 cups pecan halves. Combine them both in a pan on medium heat, stirring occasionally, until the sugar melts onto the nuts.



They turned out great! Can’t wait to show off my skills at dinner tomorrow 🙂

Hope you’re looking at the good points in today, even though they may be small. A positive outlook can change the way your whole day goes. Find your Beyonce and get yourself happy!

Spirit Fingers!


There should be a separate gym for people getting a membership on January 1. I get it, and I’m very happy that people make it a resolution to lose weight or get healthy in the new year, but it really crowds the gym for those of us that are there all year and I’m not big on waiting for machines. This messes up my work out plan, and I end up settling on something different than what I was looking forward to. Like today: I planned on a run but the treadmills were packed, so I decided on the bike. A little disheartened, I strapped in, lowered the seat to level “way shorter than average”, and switched the TV to “How I Met Your Mother” to keep me occupied during the next 30 minutes. Then I remembered a hardcore interval workout a friend at work had mentioned to me a while ago.

  1. Warm up for 5 minutes
  2. 8 seconds of giving it your all
  3. 12 seconds of resting pace
  4. 8 seconds at 100%
  5. 12 seconds recovering…

And so on….for 20 minutes. I did 7 minutes, and my thighs and butt were on fire! It’s such a good workout, and since the intervals are so short, the time goes by quickly. But it’s hard, my friend. HARD.

I finished up my workout Wednesday with an upper body workout I found on Pinterest. Oh Pinterest, how can you use up so much of my time with craft ideas I’ll never get to, wedding tips I’ll forget about, and 1001 ways to use a mason jar? Sometimes I actually go back to my pins and find workouts like this one. I want to “Tone it up girl!”


A short bus ride later, I was back at home craving something healthy for dinner. I had some leftover tofu that I wanted to use, so I whipped up a simple marinade I found on Never Homemade and let the tofu chill in it while I showered. I steamed some broccoli, covered it in cheese, and after a little stir fry action with the tofu, had a meal!


Marinade prep



A little light reading during dinner 🙂


So easy, and so healthy! Feels good.

Now, after watching the classic Bring It On with Rosie, I’m just about cheered out and can’t wait to get to bed. Everyone seems to be getting sick, and I have a big weekend planned, so I’m drinking lots of water and sleeping as much as possible to keep the bug away. Stay healthy this winter!

Productivity Feels Good


Try and tell me this doesn’t bring a smile to your face!

I watched a bit of my favorite yellow sponge this weekend and just had to share. He is so happy, playful, hilarrrrrious, and squeaks when he walks. I know my sisters don’t understand it, but this little guy gets me laughing each time! Exhibit A.

Anywho, onto the other cool stuff. Sunday and Monday were very productive days, and there’s nothing quite as satisfying as going to bed knowing you won for the day. I had a dentist appointment this morning; ugh, I can’t tell you how much I hate the dentist. I’ve had a billion cavities over the years, so needless to say, I went in today prepared to pay another $500 or whatever it is to get my teeth looking like new. I’m happy to report: NO CAVITIES!!! I also learned that the Crest SpinBrush Pro is a crock full of bologna. Apparently it’s not very effective because it only twists in one direction and not meant for those with the dexterity to maneuver a regular toothbrush. Goodbye, SpinBrush. Sorry Mom.

Another thing that made me happy today was biking to and from work! I finally set out some back-road routes so that I don’t have to take big roads, which makes getting the commute so much easier. Riding in traffic at 5:15pm is not ideal, but it isn’t as stressful as I thought it would be, especially because I work 2 miles from my apartment. Lucky me 🙂

This post is lacking pix – this is Boston leaving the Children’s Museum at night. That’s the Constellation something-or-other on the left, very famous.

After work, I decided to take advantage of the nice weather we have left up here in Bipolar Boston and go for a run outside. Boy, is it WAY more fun to run outside then inside! So many things to look at, surroundings to keep you on your toes (literally), and obstacles to make it interesting. I’m sure lots of people do this, but does anyone else look at their reflection in store windows as they run past?? I try to only do it when no one is around and I make it real stealth; do you think anyone actually thinks I’m window shopping while getting my sweat on? I just gotta check my stride, people! I noticed how much I did it today, especially running in a city – many, many windows are passed.

Speaking of running in the city, I see some of the strangest things. Today, the highlight was an older, rounder man sitting on a park bench reading the paper. May not sound so strange, but he was wearing a blonde wig, about shoulder length, with bangs. It was a strange combination – mustache, sunglasses, khakis, and….a wig. I giggled and congratulated myself on a great day to run outside.

I was able to squeeze in a quick filling dinner tonight before work 2.0 kicked in around 8 (to which I rode my bike as well, just sayin’). I loooove chicken sausage – they’re so easy to pair with anything, add some much needed protein to my diet, and come in really delish flaves. Not to mention that they are about 150 calories. In my grocery bag they went. To incorporate them into my meal tonight, I fried up some spinach and feta chicken sausages, red pepper, and cauliflower with only a little bit of olive oil. The flavor of the sausages really mixed well with the veggies, and I didn’t need a sauce! I topped a hefty serving of arugula with the sausage/veg mix and finished the meal off with some dried mangoes. So much in this dinner that I love!

So fresh and so clean, clean – literally

Excited for tomorrow – The roomies and I are having our last meal together! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we moved in….so much has happened for all 3 of us. I’m so lucky to have had such AWESOME roommates, and we’ll definitely miss you here, Julia! We’re growing up so quick 🙂

Childhood Part 1 and 2


Remember how awesome being a kid was? I mean, who doesn’t miss PB&J’s for lunch, not caring about getting covered in sand at the beach, and taking naps literally every afternoon? Not to mention you didn’t have bills to pay or relationship problems. All dudes had cooties – which I’m beginning to think it’s still kinda true…

I digress. Boston Children’s Museum realized this nostalgia exhibited by adults in Boston, so they created a Grown Up night for anyone over 21 (with a ticket) to explore the museum and its exhibits sans the kiddos. Of course I’m going to jump on that. Morgan, Katherine, Rosie and I met a couple friends here this Wednesday night to learn about natural defense mechanisms of plants and animals, finger painting, comparing my 5’3″ to Shaq’s 7′ frame, and supermarkets in Cape Verde. All while drinking Harpoon. Talk about an exciting night! Here are some pics from the Boston Children’s Museum Facebook event (as I didn’t take any for myself)

We made it on the page!!!

Learning how to use a screwdriver

Disclaimer to that photo: we were just in the arts and crafts room where a collaborative paper plate sculpture was being made. Hence Katherine’s brilliant fascinator 🙂

Note to self: don’t climb this in a dress.

Bubbles can entertain people of all ages

There were so many rooms, so unfortunately we couldn’t make it to each one in the 3 hour time slot. Too. Much. Stimulation. Over 800 people attended – what a success! Thanks Boston Children’s Museum! Let’s do more of these nights 🙂 mostly because I didn’t get to the shadow room and I hear it’s a hoot!

Tonight, I explored another part of childhood – the part in the womb. My “sister-in-law” is having a little babe in October, so Meg put together a lovely baby shower for her. Since this was my first rodeo, I only had an idea of what a stereotypical baby shower consisted of – little food, baby games, and opening of gifts, along with a lot of advice. That’s pretty much how it went! There were little baby turkey burger sliders, a potato salad with little baby purple taters, quiche, arugula salad (my favorite stuff ever), and tomatoes with FRESH mozz and basil. Obviously, what baby shower would be complete without cupcakes? They were there too. The food was amazing – thanks Meg! We played a game about Carrie as a kid, and I definitely owned that. Then Carrie opened gifts. This was a reasonably sized party – only about 10 people – so it wasn’t too much to watch her unwrap the good stuff. There is a lot to know when having a baby. How can anyone feel prepared?? Needless to say, I learned a lot and heard a lot of stories. We even had a prediction chart about the sex, weight, and date of the arrival. Fingers crossed for a girl on Oct. 20 weighing 8lbs! Congrats, Carrie! Can’t wait to meet the bump 🙂

All this talk about childhood makes me want to go back, but also excited for the future because there is so much still ahead for me. Being a kid was undoubtably awesome, but now I have even cooler stuff to look forward to – going to grad school, traveling, falling in love and making a family of my own someday. I want to take advantage of the time I have and my youth, because truthfully, it only comes once. No matter how many times I may go to the Boston Children’s Museum 🙂

Vocab and a Crunch-y Dinner


 Thursday was a surprisingly productive day. It’s my longest day of the week because I go straight from work to work at the gym. Come 9:00, I’m finally on my way home!

1. A lot happens between my 7:45 wake up time and closing the gym. Today, I did a lot of practice GRE Verbal Reasoning problems. Take a look at my notebook that is quickly filling up with vocab words…


That isn’t even the half of it!

My job stress ebbs and flows throughout each quarter – in the middle, I get super busy, and days seem to fly by (this is what I like). At the very beginning and ends, however, it’s pretty slooowww (I’m in that phase right now), but luckily I have some free time to study for the GRE. It’s a more productive way of spending my time then on Pinterest. Let’s be honest: as much as I enjoy learning 101 ways to use a mason jar, it’s not going to help me in my career. I may be inundated with vocabulary in the GREs, but soon it will not be so abstruse, and I will appear trenchant with my mellifluous new way of speaking. No need for acrimoniousness.

Did I do that right? I’m still working on it…

2. Work 2.0 – the gym. I really like working at the gym because usually the people I’m stuck with for 4+ hours are fun to talk to. That’s the case on Thursdays; we always make the best of our time behind the desk and talk about the strangest things. It cracks me up!

I had some free time before work to grab some dinner, so I decided to go outside of my normal Au Bon Pain sammy or salad and go to Clover. This restaurant is pretty cruchy, as in straight from the ground, hipsterish, vegetarian, whole foods kinda place, so I was a bit skeptical. The greeting crew was really friendly and walked me through the steps and explained the dinner menu to me. I decided on this egg and eggplant pita with cucumber salad and hummus. It came with a side of tahini sauce. Don’t be alarmed by the green drink – it’s lemonade mixed with terragon.

Very skeptical right now…

Little did I know that this meal would be delicious!! The eggplant was cooked to perfection and the egg and cucumber and hummus just went sooo well together. It was full of protein, so I wasn’t hungry at all for the rest of my shift. I wasn’t really into the tahini sauce, so I stayed away from that. The whole week pita was made in the store and extremely fluffy and yummy. Even the strange lemonade was surprisingly good 🙂 I will definitely be making other stops into Clover to check out more of their ambrosial grub!!! (look at me integrating my new vocab already!)

The eggplant is soo thick!

3. Also at the gym – one of my coworkers is going to a Sugar Ray concer this weekend. That’s right – the 90s band that sang Fly . Apparently they’re still performing! Good for them! She wanted to catch up on her Sugar Ray tunes, because she hadn’t been keeping up with them for the past 20 years…(it’s still crazy to think that the 90s were 20 years ago!!) We tuned into the Sugar Ray Pandora station during our shift behind the front desk, and had such a good time listening to these throwbacks! If you love The Goo Goo Dolls “Slide”, Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me”, “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve, or just about any awesome song from the 90s, then you’ll love this station! It’s definitely going to make more appearances in my headphones 🙂

4. Last, but certainly not least, I got back to my apartment tonight and immediately turned on Lifetime to watch Project Runway. I seriously love this show. This week’s challenge was making clothes out of candy. CANDY. There were licorice dresses, collars made from gummy sharks, and jelly bean laden peplums. You can’t even try to tell me that’s not awesome. You’re gunna want to see this episode.

Hope the coming weekend is grrrrrrrrrreat!



Think like a Lady, Look like a Spartan


Well my wish was granted – Boston definitely experienced some heavy summer storms tonight. Walking to the gym from work, I was getting sooo soaked that I just stood under the awning of a restaurant until the rain let up. At least the humidity is somewhat gone. Although my apartment is still over 80 degrees….That’s what I get for not buying an air conditioner.

1. I did end up making it to the gym through the monsoon and got a pretty decent workout in before dinner. It started with a run/walk on the treadmill. My knee has been acting up recently – I had patellofemoral syndrome and sometimes it acts up in my right knee – so I didn’t want to go too hard on it. I’m just thankful I can get any running in!

I’m trying this new thing at the gym: it’s called ab exercises. I’ve never really been a fan of these so I get really lazy when it comes to them at the gym (aka three sit ups and I’m kapoot). This is why my upper body strength is lacking. But HARK! This is why Pinterest was invented! Follow me 🙂 I found the best ab work out that gets my muscles sore each time.

It’s supposed to get me abs like these:

so wish me luck. He’s saying “ANYONE NEED A WASHBOARD? I’VE GOT ONE HERE!” Hopefully, if I keep these up every other day, I’ll be seeing results for my vaca in 2 weeks! Let’s get ready to rumble!  THIS IS SPARTAAAA!

2. I’m really proud of my dinner. I got the idea from a recipe I saw on PBFingers, so I stopped at a local food market after the gym to pick up some ingredients:

chicken sausage
soy sauce

Does this fork make the cauliflower look fat?

While the rice cooked, I sauteed the cauliflower with the sausage in a little olive oil. I used a roasted garlic chicken sausage – so yum. I added the spinach at the very end, just to get it wilted. I mixed it all together with the rice and a splash of soy sauce, and chowed down while watching America’s Next Top Model. There’s nothing like watching models while stuffing my face. Oh, and I had one of last night’s cupcakes for dessert. Tyra would be proud….

Model’s aside, this meal was delicious!! And sooo super easy 🙂 Would be good as leftovers for lunch the next day as well.

Dinner is served!

Once Thursday comes, my brain pretty much tunes out – it’s practically the weekend!! 😀

hot, Hot, HOT!


It is HOT  with a capital BLEH in Boston right now. I consider myself a southerner at heart and the heat to be a friend, but not this kind. It’s sticky and so still – no wind for relief. Bring on those summer storms! We need to cool off!

1. My first thing that I’m grateful for will definitely NOT cool things down, so beware those without AC because it’s about to get a lot steamier…

That’s right ladies, I saw Magic Mike with a group of gal pals! I would have been in line on the first day it came out, but alas, I was in Maine. So I saw it the week I came back and boy was it worth the wait just to see them dance. Channing Tatum may be referred to the Beyonce of men – the way he moves his little body makes women happy (in their pants). The story line was awful and didn’t go well with the stripping, but there was stripping (without their pants) sooooo….  And one thing’s for sure: if Channing and Matthew weren’t in it, it definitely would have been a bust (in your pants). Needless to say, it got a standing ovation (in my pants).

2. Secondly, this weekend was all about being outside and embracing the summer weather (however hot it may be). Roomie R and J and I went on an adventure on Saturday. Our plan was to find a beach, but a hangover and a little extra sleep made us find something a little closer. We stumbled upon a lake outside of the city to cool off and catch some rays. The water was perfect to wash off the alcohol  hard day’s work. There will definitely be more trips here during the short summer months!
Sunday was spent lounging on rafts in a friend’s pool about an hour outside of Boston. Seems like there is no water but the Charles River in Boston, and no one wants to go in there….We ate a ton of junk healthy foods and even got in some much needed movie watching exercise! (Side note, I actually did try the water weights but they befuddled me so it ended up more like an awkward splash dance.) What a productive day 😉 Not much sun, but still a wonderful time hanging with some favorites!

3. As most of you know, I’m new to the adult world and very unsure (read: freaking the f*ck out…) about what I want to do with the rest of my life. This is a very trying time for anyone: I’m literally still getting used to not being in college which stinks, and then deciding whether I want to stay or leave doesn’t help the stress levels. My most recent life course involves going back to school to get a masters in occupational therapy. The more I think about it, the more I get excited about my new prospect! It combines everything I want in a career: working with people, health promotion, and anatomy/physiology. Do you guys know any OTs or know anything about the job or have school recommendations? Obviously, I have a lot of research to do so I can’t wait to get started!

4. Dinner tonight with M and D! M knows just what to make for a hot summer meal. Tonight, we grubbed on turkey burgers stuffed with cheddar cheese, arugula with honey mustard dressing and avocado, and a curry quinoa salad with nectarines. I know, it sounds too good to be true! Recipe can be found on her blog: Meg’s Food Reality.

My favorite part was the quinoa salad – the sweetness of the nectarine went so well with the curry. YUMM!

After dinner, I got needy and “suggested” we make a cake! M and I drove 2 minutes to a super market to get gluten free cake mix along the with accoutrements and got to work right away. As the cupcakes cooked in the oven, we watched Rizzoli and Isles….well M watched and I screamed and gasped because I’m a wuss. Here is the finished product, including M’s homemade icing:

ommm nomm nomm

They were thanking me for the request by the end of the night 🙂

5. And last but certainly not least, I found out I’m bunking with this beast for the weekend:


M and D are out of town for a few days and I’m taking their wonderful pup Luna for the weekend. I seriously can’t wait – I’ve always grown up with at least 3 dogs, so I really miss a dog’s company. We’re going to have a girl weekend together. Can you say babe magnet?!?

You stay classy, San Diego! (haha that movie makes me happy!)


Weekend Re-CAPE!


Welcome to the last week of June! Wait….how did this happen? It feels like just yesterday I was packing up my wonderful car Blanche with my entire life to move to Boston. A looot has happened since then – where did the time go, friends? It’s been a really trying year to say the least, and even though we may want to at times, it’s obvious that we can never stop this train. Just keep going. All the more reason to focus on the good spots in life 🙂

She’s all set for an adventure! The night before I drove to Boston…

1. I’m grateful for the whole weekend at the Cape. It was my first time to Cape Cod (did anyone else like my clever play on words in the title???). It seems like a right-of-passage for every Bostonian to go to the Cape at least once and I don’t blame them – it’s beautiful! Em and D were a bit late in getting here, so we didn’t get on the road until almost 9pm. There wasn’t any traffic at that time though, so we made it there easily. After some hugs hello, we hung out at the house drinking Sam Adams’ Summer Ale with the fans at full blast (still roasty toasty up here).  We woke up on Saturday morning not to an alarm clock, but to the kiddos jumping on the bed. After a delicious fruit and yogurt smoothy for breakfast, we all hit the beach for a nice long morning walk. The clouds hadn’t quite cleared, but this beach was gorgeous! The houses around it were unbelievable! I’m sure they have some awesome views!

I wonder what the taxes on that house must be…

So many shells, so little tree!

We came across a tree towards the end of our walk covered in shells. It has become a tradition to string a shell onto one of the branches of this old tree – maybe for good luck? It would be riCONCHulous if I didn’t MUSSEL up the strength to adorn this tree with another one! What SHELL I wish for? 😉

We went back to the house for lunch and changed into our suits for the beach again! It was my first time in the swim suit this summer, so I was pretty stoked to get some good sun time. The girls and D stayed on the beach with the little ones. They are so fun to be around – and very eager to get into the water. “Will you go in yet?”, “Has it been 5 minutes?”, or “How about now?” was reiterated a few times….but we did go in with them! At the end of the afternoon, they’d been in the chilly water so much, their little teeth were chattering!!! Time to rinse off at home…

They built a lot of sand castles, but their favorite part was wrecking it!

I know I know, I’m really tan. It’s a tough job, ya know?

Saturday night, we all went out to dinner as a family 🙂 I love being able to call them “Family” now because my sister is marrying D. We’ve known them forever and now it’s finally becoming official! This may have been my favorite part of the trip – just a simple seafood dinner chatting and cheersing away the night. A few of us decided to grab a drink at a local bar afterwards (in walking distance from the house). It seemed like everyone knew everyone – such a small town! I loved it.

I left Sunday morning because I had to be back in Boston to work. And I was really bitter about it because it was such a GORGEOUS day!! Oh well, I have another vaca coming up in a week so I can’t complain 🙂

2. Nutritious and delicious meals. Today, after work, I had time to go to the grocery store. I worked out in the morning today because I got to bed early enough that I wasn’t still unconscious at 6:30am. It wasn’t too bad…maybe I’ll retract my statement from before about morning workouts?
I bought all the essentials I needed to make this quinoa and black bean salad:


  • quinoa and black beans obvi…
  • red pepper
  • corn
  • green onions
  • cilantro
  • lime juice
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste

It’s so simple to make – just throw all the ingredients together! I made enough to last me a few days in lunches at work. I think I should do this every Monday. I like feeling prepared for the week ahead because I hate scrambling for random food to eat during the day when I’m running out the door in the morning. I especially like this meal because it’s so healthy and full of protein. Quinoa is a super grain and it’s packed with all kinds of healthy vitamins and minerals that are so beneficial to your health. I’ve been trying to eat more protein in my diet because I can’t seem to stay full for very long, and quinoa is a really good way to incorporate good protein and fiber. Thanks quinoa!!!

3. I had a fresh mango for dessert. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I was reeeally eager to eat it, and it was really messy (and I was watching the Bachelorette so I couldn’t leave the room to get my camera). Fruit in the summer time is hands down, bar none, most definitely, unerroneously the best thing ever. Pass me the berries, the nanners, and the watermelon, the pineapples and the cherries. I like them all! Such a good dessert too.

It’s going to be a busy week!! Happy trails 🙂

Food, Glorious Food!


Whew, it is H-O-T here in Boston! Crank up that AC, girls, because it is steeeeamy outside! Apparently, the whole upper east coast is having a heat wave (I told you the weather here is bipolar). Let’s hope the weather stays this way because I’m going to the beach this weekend!!

1. Before this heat began, I needed to get my blood flowing after sitting in my cube all day at work, so I went to the gym on Tuesday night. I began with a run on the treadmill that I based off of a workout I found reading one of my favorite blogs Peanut Butter Fingers. We share a love of peanut butter, and also good workouts, but mainly peanut butter.
I have found that interval workouts on cardio machines really make the time go by faster. Running is very rewarding for me, but hours and miles on a treadmill seem to go by as slow as mooooooolasssssssssesssssss to me. The time goes by much quicker when I am changing the speed and incline regularly. It gives me something else to look at – other than the distance and calories burned. Sometimes, I find myself getting too caught up in music or my surroundings at the gym (babes at the weights…) to change the machine at the right times. That’s why my workouts are all inspired, but not identical, to others that I find.
I also found a really cool article today in the NYT blog called Well about the importance of interval workouts. A university in Canada (love anything Canadian 🙂 ) found that using HIIT (high intensity interval training) a couple times a week, participants saw the same improvements as the people moderately exercising for many hours week. Pretty cool huh? I’m thinking tomorrow will be a mix of HIIT and resting – especially because tonight I didn’t do any physical activity because it was so hot…

2. Tuesday and Wednesday were filled with some good foods. Tuesday, I made myself a stuffed green bell pepper – including rice, mushrooms, tomatos, carrots, and some tomato soup. I cooked the rice and sauteed the veggies in a pan. Then I mixed it all together with a bit of soup to give it some moisture. Baking it at 350 is the hardest part. It smells so good and I’m so hungry that I never leave it in long enough…but it’s still delish 🙂 I added an egg for some extra protein. Gotta get that protein in at every meal!!

I swear it was more appealing than it looks here….

3. Wednesday night was spent at my usual Wednesday spot – with M and D! They installed their ACs so it was pretty comfortable in their home. And we grilled tonight instead of cooking because it was just too hot to have the oven or stove on. D grilled the turkey burgers (mixed with BBQ sauce YUMMM) while M and I microwaved a sweet potato (potatoes gunna potate, ya know?) and made the most delicious tomato, mozz, arugala salad with balsamic vinegar and some crushed pepper. Such a fun summery dinner for the first day of summer 🙂

Delicious and nutritious

My favorite combination

4. I’m very brave when it comes to food. I like most things, except for bleu cheese, and I’m up for trying different kinds of food. M always has something new up her dietetic sleeve, so tonight she brought out PB2. Peanut butter without all the oils that hold 85% of the fat in PB. I could get behind that. The fact that it was powder kiiiinda freaked me out. All you do is mix it with water, stir and enjoy. Hmmmm skeptical, but OK. M and I made it tonight – the chocolate kind! I dipped Puffins cereal in to try – not my favorite. Not bad, but who can compete with JIF? I mean come on, choosey moms choose JIF. I’m glad I gave it a try though! Keep working on that PB flavor, PB2 – you’ll get it someday.

Looks like PB, but I kinda enjoy the fat in regular PB. Good effort.

5. The last thing I’m grateful for are iPhone fails. In my weather app, my list of cities are all the ones that I love and care to check the weather – Boston, my hometown in MD, Canada, my favorite place in Maine, and also University Park, PA where Penn State resides. Yes, the school is big enough to have it’s own zip code. More than a lot of people go there. Anywho, I’m checking the weather on my phone tonight right, when I come across the weather for Happy Valley. Take a gander:

Is it really snowing in 90 degree weather, iPhone?

Bundle up, Staters, it’s snowing in June? You don’t need Siri to tell you that this just ain’t right. I know Penn State had some strange weather, but this just never happens. Thanks for the giggles, though!

Well off to bed. Sleeping in big ole tee-shirts are my favorite in really hot weather!