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Food, Glorious Food!


Whew, it is H-O-T here in Boston! Crank up that AC, girls, because it is steeeeamy outside! Apparently, the whole upper east coast is having a heat wave (I told you the weather here is bipolar). Let’s hope the weather stays this way because I’m going to the beach this weekend!!

1. Before this heat began, I needed to get my blood flowing after sitting in my cube all day at work, so I went to the gym on Tuesday night. I began with a run on the treadmill that I based off of a workout I found reading one of my favorite blogs Peanut Butter Fingers. We share a love of peanut butter, and also good workouts, but mainly peanut butter.
I have found that interval workouts on cardio machines really make the time go by faster. Running is very rewarding for me, but hours and miles on a treadmill seem to go by as slow as mooooooolasssssssssesssssss to me. The time goes by much quicker when I am changing the speed and incline regularly. It gives me something else to look at – other than the distance and calories burned. Sometimes, I find myself getting too caught up in music or my surroundings at the gym (babes at the weights…) to change the machine at the right times. That’s why my workouts are all inspired, but not identical, to others that I find.
I also found a really cool article today in the NYT blog called Well about the importance of interval workouts. A university in Canada (love anything Canadian 🙂 ) found that using HIIT (high intensity interval training) a couple times a week, participants saw the same improvements as the people moderately exercising for many hours week. Pretty cool huh? I’m thinking tomorrow will be a mix of HIIT and resting – especially because tonight I didn’t do any physical activity because it was so hot…

2. Tuesday and Wednesday were filled with some good foods. Tuesday, I made myself a stuffed green bell pepper – including rice, mushrooms, tomatos, carrots, and some tomato soup. I cooked the rice and sauteed the veggies in a pan. Then I mixed it all together with a bit of soup to give it some moisture. Baking it at 350 is the hardest part. It smells so good and I’m so hungry that I never leave it in long enough…but it’s still delish 🙂 I added an egg for some extra protein. Gotta get that protein in at every meal!!

I swear it was more appealing than it looks here….

3. Wednesday night was spent at my usual Wednesday spot – with M and D! They installed their ACs so it was pretty comfortable in their home. And we grilled tonight instead of cooking because it was just too hot to have the oven or stove on. D grilled the turkey burgers (mixed with BBQ sauce YUMMM) while M and I microwaved a sweet potato (potatoes gunna potate, ya know?) and made the most delicious tomato, mozz, arugala salad with balsamic vinegar and some crushed pepper. Such a fun summery dinner for the first day of summer 🙂

Delicious and nutritious

My favorite combination

4. I’m very brave when it comes to food. I like most things, except for bleu cheese, and I’m up for trying different kinds of food. M always has something new up her dietetic sleeve, so tonight she brought out PB2. Peanut butter without all the oils that hold 85% of the fat in PB. I could get behind that. The fact that it was powder kiiiinda freaked me out. All you do is mix it with water, stir and enjoy. Hmmmm skeptical, but OK. M and I made it tonight – the chocolate kind! I dipped Puffins cereal in to try – not my favorite. Not bad, but who can compete with JIF? I mean come on, choosey moms choose JIF. I’m glad I gave it a try though! Keep working on that PB flavor, PB2 – you’ll get it someday.

Looks like PB, but I kinda enjoy the fat in regular PB. Good effort.

5. The last thing I’m grateful for are iPhone fails. In my weather app, my list of cities are all the ones that I love and care to check the weather – Boston, my hometown in MD, Canada, my favorite place in Maine, and also University Park, PA where Penn State resides. Yes, the school is big enough to have it’s own zip code. More than a lot of people go there. Anywho, I’m checking the weather on my phone tonight right, when I come across the weather for Happy Valley. Take a gander:

Is it really snowing in 90 degree weather, iPhone?

Bundle up, Staters, it’s snowing in June? You don’t need Siri to tell you that this just ain’t right. I know Penn State had some strange weather, but this just never happens. Thanks for the giggles, though!

Well off to bed. Sleeping in big ole tee-shirts are my favorite in really hot weather!