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Not-So-Laborious Day Weekend: Part 2


The weekend festivities continue.

I got back late Saturday night from The Cape and jumped right in bed. I couldn’t even get through half of my all-time favorite movie – Shakespeare in Love – without passing out because I was so tired from a long, and exciting, day. Sunday morning came, and it was one of those mornings that called for a good run. By noon, I had run 3 miles, showered, and started driving to Morgan’s house in northern Mass. I would say that is a productive morning!

We helped prepare Morgan’s house for their first annual authentic New England lobster bake! I had never even seen one of these before so I was pretty stoked for the experience, let alone the LOBSTER! Morgan’s family did extensive research on the topic and was prepared with everyone one needs for a lobster bake. Along with a back up plan of pizza 🙂 No need for that though, because it turns out lobsters can be cooked in the ground! Who knew?

Steps to a successful lobster bake:

  1. Dig a large hole in the beach – about 3′ by 3′ – and cover the bottom with rocks.
  2. Start a large bonfire in there with a ton of dry wood and let it burn down until it’s only hot rocks and ash.
  3. Layer the lobster bake racks (wooden framed squares with wire nets in the middle) filled with food into the hot hole. We had one layer of lobsta, one layer with steamers and taters, and the top layer was corn on the cob (expertly shucked by some of the prettiest, most talented corn shuckers around).

The makings of a late summer feast

Expertly done, I do say!

And in they go! Along with some preordered seaweed.

4. Cover the racks and hole with a soaking canvas and let the hot rocks and ash cook the whole meal with steam. The trick to this is waiting, for one thing, but you can put an egg on each corner of the top rack and when it is hardboiled, the food is cooked! So neat right? Well, for 20 hungry people, it is really anti-climactic when the egg comes up still raw.

The other guests arrived and the games began! Cornhole was the main attraction that night, along with some friendly family rivalry. Rosie and I snapped a few roommate pics on the beach while we waited for dinner to cook. I can’t believe it’s already been a year! Such a crazy time, but a great time 🙂

Describes us well!

And the wicked cool lobsta was definitely worth the wait!That night, the foursome (Me Rosie Morgan and Katherine) went out to a very local yocal bar for reggae night – such a good time! I love dancing to the bouncy, rhythmic tunes of reggae. The band and the excellent weather right on the water with some local characters was the perfect way to end the night.

Monday came – the final day of summer pretty much – and we spent it allllll outside! Pancakes were on tap for breakfast that morning, of the blueberry variety, and then into our swim suits we went! Most of the day and afternoon was spent by the pool, in the pool, and around the pool. Rosie and I even had one last swim in the ocean before it closes for the winter (as in the temperatures drop below 70).

Please excuse my pile of clothes, they seem to take away from the beauty of the landscape.


One stop at Katherine’s to catch the rays at her lovely casa was the best way to end the day. And a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich.

The foursome

My girl!

Thanks to sooo many people for allowing me into your homes this weekend, because I certainly had a wonderful weekend! It was the perfect way to top off the summer, and I couldn’t have asked for better friends up here in Boston 🙂 Here’s to a great fall and winter as well!

Now onto fasting this week because I ate so much over the past 4 days. Hitting the gym today!