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Finally Unstoppable


What a busy Tuesday! Fortunately, I didn’t have the same travel woes that I did yesterday, so I got to work on time and ate my bowl of Life while doing my morning Facebooking per usual.

Until today, every time you saw me like this:

without glasses

….it meant that I was blind. I have worn glasses since the fifth grade and it has never created a problem. My sight really isn’t that bad; it all started because I couldn’t see what Mrs. Davis was writing on the board, but I really thought that no one else could either. I’ll never forget the first day with glasses – the trees had leaves, signs appeared out of nowhere with writing on them, and faces started making more sense. The need for contacts has never been so evident as it has recently. In college, I knew where I was going, so street signs were insignificant; thus I could go out without my glasses. But here in Boston, I’m lucky if I make it to the first street light without getting lost. Sight is a must. I thought, after 12 years, it was finally time to give in and get contacts.

The doctor gave me my first trial pair today! She told me before we started our learning session that she had this psychic feeling that I would be totally fine putting them in and out, so I guess that’s the vibe I’m giving people? Turns out she was right and I’m a natural contact-wearer. It took me a minute but I successfully covered my eyeballs in flimsy plastic…twice! Apparently I have a crazy astigmatism so I need special lenses that are weighted at the bottom to keep them in place and aligned correctly. It takes a little bit to get them in the right place, and my eyes are still getting used to them, but we’ll see how the week goes with them. All you contact-wearers out there: I’d love to hear any tricks of the trade you may have! It’s crazy how well I can see without glasses when I wear contacts. I feel so aerodynamic and without limits! So that’s what everyone was talking about, huh?

Meanwhile back at the farm, I mean work, I had my yearly performance evaluation. Scurry at first (are they going to talk about my recent internet searches: “how many inches is 42mm?”, “how to road trip across the country”, and “truculent definition” to name a few) but it was super helpful. I was happy to hear the good stuff and really interested in things I can improve upon. They like me, they really like me!

After work, I had dinner with Meg, Dave, and Luna – always a staple in my week. We had a particularly delicious summer meal this evening. After Meg helped me with my contacts, we got to work on dinner:

Grilled polenta stackers complete with homemade pesto, local tomatoes, and mozz. So. Flipping. Good. We also had my favorite turkey burgers made with cilantro (LOVE cilantro!) with an apricot preserve on top for a little sweetness. I mean I’m literally dreaming of this meal and it’s still sitting in my belly doing a little belly-dance (get it?!?!?!)

in all their glory

I had a cupcake for dessert, but not just any cupcake. We stopped by a cupcake stand in Meg’s neighborhood that was manned by the 3 cutest children I’ve ever seen. All siblings, all with the best freckles ever. Since Meg is gluten free and can’t eat cupcakes (sad), Dave and I both got one for a little treat after dinner. Take a look at this guy:

Talk about a trendy cupcake

This cupcake has more neon then I have in my closet. I couldn’t resist. And yes it was glorious. Thanks kids! Meg will be back to buy tomates in the fall!

Our post-dessert-TV-shows are in limbo right now: some have ended (Rizzoli and Isles) and others haven’t started back again (Glee, New Girl) so we scrounged for a good show. We landed on a Shark Week episode that aired last week. Remind me to never go in the water again.

Food for thought: I’m thinking of going on a no processed food week to see how it goes. Has anyone ever done that? Any advice??


I can only breathe through one nostril…


I think I may be allergic to Boston. This morning greeted me with a scratchy throat, stuffy nose, and a sexy raspy voice. After sneezing my brains out yesterday, I tried to get to bed before midnight to give my little body a rest. No such luck. So I’m writing to you while sniffling and breathing through my mouth – so attractive.

None the less, Tuesday and Wednesday were good days because….

1. I had a sophisticated dinner on a friend’s rooftop in Boston Tuesday night. I felt so Carrie Bradshaw meets Pig Pen from the Peanuts because I was stanky having  just gone to the gym. We walked around Back Bay for a little (my dream residence – anyone want to buy lottery tickets tonight??) and found her apartment. So freakin’ cute. Everyone brought something to add to this impromtu dinner – brie cheese with baguette, guacamole and chips, bruscetta, salad, oh and I brought french onion Laughing Cow cheeses and potato chips. Only the classiest. We spent the evening on her rooftop sipping wine, telling stories (one included a particularly disturbing incident in a bathroom), and grubbing. I felt so cosmopolitan. What a fun night!!

2. The jubilant announcer on the T. Roomie J and I took the T (Boston’s metro system) into the city to meet the girls after work. Usually, the station announcers are anything but excited to be there. A typical announcement sounds like this: “Hahavad, doowas open on the left” if you can even understand it at all. But not this announcer. He was stoked, STOKED, to be alive that day. Literally singing the stop names. “MGH/Charlesss St stop dooooo doo la doo ba deeee” I looked around the train car and it brought a smile to everyone’s face, including mine. It’s so nice to see someone bring a little happiness into something mundane and ordinary like announcing the train stop. Thanks singing announcer man 🙂

3. A good interval workout on the treadmill. As I mentioned before, I got a gym trip in before dinner. Usually I go in with a plan as to what I want to do that day, but not this time. I got on the treadmill and made my own interval workout that proved to be a keeper. It looked like this:

Time (min) Speed (MPH)
0-2 3.5
2-3 4
3-8 6.5
8-10 4
10-15 7
15-17 4
17-22 7.5
22-24 4
24-26 8
26-28 4
28-30 8

30-35 cool down

4. This cookie from the caf across the street. Yes, it’s as big as my whole hand.


Yes, I’m eating at my cube. Whatever. I’m still cool.

5. And finally my happy thing from Wednesday: Dinner with M and D. M and I had plans to do some stair workouts, but the rain in Boston fell mainly…everywhere. So that failed. But we did get a wonderful homemade BBQ chicken pizza in! With some arugula of course. Gotta have those leafy greens!
M has got me hooked on Rizzoli and Isles – a show about two crime fighting babes in Boston. Pretty much the story of my life. This weeks episode was particularly scurrrrrry (I’m a wimp – the kind who, as a kid, used to run into the kitchen to “say hi to mom” during the scary parts of Disney movies. Snow White still scares me) and I was literally jumping out of my seat and cuddling with M’s legs. No worries, we watched something happy after it so I could be brave enough to enter my car. Anyone seen Bunheads? I’m still on the fence.

Saying goodbye to you all and saying hellloooo to allergy meds!

Friends, Fruit, and Food


Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. I thought I was on my deathbed (excuse my dramatic statement – being sick brings out the drama in me). I couldn’t eat or drink anything because my stomach was too upset, and really, there is nothing worse than not being able to eat because I looooove eating. I woke from my nap with a fever from being dehydrated and called on my Boston-mom/best frand to save me with some crackers and Gatorade, and save me she did! That’s why she is first on my happy list today:

1. M and D, and of course their pup Luna. I have never met more caring, fun, hilarious, passionate, and smart people before. EVER. I have known M and her family since I was born – our families vacation together in the middle of nowhere Canada. She has lived in the Boston area for almost 10 years now, so when I moved here in August of 2011, she and Dave took me under their wings. It’s almost like they are my Boston parents! We have dinner together at least once a week where M teaches me some new gluten free recipe secrets and D teaches me something new about the gossip section of Yahoo! news. I owe a lot to these wonderful people 🙂
M used to be my babysitter as a kid, and never lost her talent because she was pretty much babysitting me last night. Nothing cures a sicko like a pull out couch, a Matthew McConaughey movie, electrolytes, and pasta! I can’t tell you the number of times I heard, “Drink more liquid please”, “One more piece of watermelon”, or “What can I get you”. I told her I was here to tutor her in how to be a mommy when that day comes, and she’s definitely going to pass. She and her hubs are going to be the cutest, most loving parents! You’re welcome, you two 🙂


This is how good I look with a temp of 101. Luna is such a good nurse!

2. Nice weather in Boston. Living in New England has its perks and downfalls like everywhere else, but there should really be a disclaimer about the weather here: Beware of bipolar weather. Last week, we had 5 days of cold, dreary rain – that kind of weather really gets you down. But I gotta tell you, when the weather is nice, Boston is like a drop of sunshine on the tip of a kitten’s nose. Picture it. This weekend has been B E A Utiful…..and I’ve spent it inside in my bed. But I’m sure someone enjoyed it!!!! (looking at the positives here…)

3. Mastering the folding of a fitted sheet. This may sound silly but have you ever actually gotten a fitted sheet to look like it did when it first came out of the package!?! I mean really, high schools should teach this shit. I felt really proud when I got my fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillow cases in the case that they came from. My night was a good one 🙂

4. Fruit smoothies. There is nothing like a little somethin’ sweet, fruity, cold, and delish on a summer (late spring) day! Roomie made me and my future roomie a delightful smoothy today that really filled me up and gave me that little something sweet I need after just about every meal. And it was soo simple! All it had in it was:

  • frozen strawberries
  • banana
  • ice
  • almond milk

How awesome is that? And super healthy. Thanks Rooms 🙂

5. And lastly, I always enjoy an almost empty supermarket. When I go shopping at the MB for my weekly groceries, I leave feeling exhausted, rushed, and almost fluent in 5 different languages. Don’t get me wrong here, I looove the MB because it’s prices are so low I can almost justify getting my fourth pair of summer heels! But I decided to mix it up tonight and headed to the Star Market. It was pretty much empty and I had more than enough time to check out each and every kind of plum, cottage cheese, and organic frozen chicken fingers (they didn’t have my kind 😦 ). No crowded aisles, no people in the veggie section, and no throng of people waiting in line at the deli. I like my grocery stores the way I like my men: untaken with great service. Ooowwwww oww

Hope this weekend was a happy one 🙂