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Monday FUNday


Happy Monday, everyone! It was a beautiful day in Boston today, so I was naturally sad that I had to stay at my cube all day at work….but there are still things to be happy about!

  1. New friends. First thing’s first, I have really awesome friends. They would be on my list every day if that was acceptable. New friends that I’ve made up here in Boston in the last year and old friends from my childhood – both mean so much to me. My loyalties to them are so very deep. As K says in a slightly intoxicated text message, “Moon and bakcj and buses i’d jump in front of!” Girl, you know I’d jump in front of a bus and go to the moon and back for you too 🙂
    Something I’ve noticed about Boston is that it’s not the most outwardly friendly crowd. It was a lot harder than I expected to find good friends and feel like I had my own niche. That is what I had to do to really get Penn State, and when it clicked, damn it clicked gooooood! But I also realize that that was college – a bubble (40,000 person bubble, but bubble none the less) and everyone was in the same boat. Friends practically grew on trees in State College, PA. Boston is uuuuh…different. On the bright side, I’ve been here almost a year, and I feel like I have met some really good keepers 🙂 I am thankful for them every day because they make me laugh, help me remember Friday nights, introduce me to more wonderful people, and go boy hunting in Star Market with me. I wanted to give them some credit in the beginning of my blog, so that they are here for the rest of it. I like them a looooot.

    Some girls that definitely make the happy list!

  2. Old friends. I grew up in Maryland. Horse country, MD more specifically – where hunts, polo matches, steeplechases, and horse shows are second nature all year long. This is where my love for horses stemmed from. This is also where my love for my home friends stemmed from. There are too many stories involving these wonderful people that I am way too embarrassed to put on here. They know me in and out, and are always behind me in every step.
    Last Christmas, we set up a Secret Santa gift exchange. I had been sad about being so far from home in Boston, but L (oh what the heck!) gave me a framed quote that says “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you know they’re always there” and I’m looking at it right now on my desk 🙂 You guys are like my little stars that I don’t see fading for a veeeeeeery long time! We give each other a lot of shit, but I know that nothing could come between us. Our love is deeper than the ocean and wider than the……Wow, this is getting mushier than I expected. Not the time, nor the place. Just know all you lovers down in the “south” that I’m still there, I’m just a phone call or text or email or snail mail or page or smoke signal or delivery away. I will literally deliver myself to you guys if comes down to that. In a box. With Sex and the City reruns and unhealthy snacks included.

    Just some stars I know.

  3. Olive, my mom’s dog, had a successful ACL surgery today! She tore her ACL (I know, I thought the same thing…dog’s have ACLs? Doesn’t that only happen in basketball or lacrosse?) but she probably did it running after a squirrel that was already 20 feet up in a tree. Not the smartest cookie, but she loves to eat cookies! Olive is the sweetest Newfoundland we’ve ever had, granted, she is the first. Her hind leg was a’ hurtin so we knew the surgery had to happen. One BFF from home works at the animal hospital that operated on Olive. She sent me updates on her status, along with photos of Olive looking especially pitiful after the anesthesia wore off.

    She was sleepy with her tongue out. What a sweetheart!

    Thanks Liss!!! I’m so glad she was there for Olive’s surgery – she is the biggest animal lover I’ve ever met, aside from Ace Ventura, so I know she was in good hands.

    4. The Bachelorette. This show has me hooked, unfortunately. Roomie got me into it last season and I can’t stop watching. I have had to physically pull myself away from gossip magazines as to not spoil it for me and her this season (sorry about last season!). Tonight’s episode was pretty exciting. Sean is pretty much a dream boat and my favorite. How she hasn’t ended the show early and just taken him home with her in her pocket, I don’t know. That would have been my first thought.

    5. This feeling. It happens to me so often, especially when I listen to Beyonce. Something you should know about me, I have a large girl crush on Beyonce. She is so multitalented and beautiful and down to earth (if a diva COULD BE down to earth). I would definitely switch lives with Beyonce for a day, and literally dance the whole time. I’m not embarrassed to admit that one thing on my bucket list is to learn the Single Ladies dance. Anyone know a good dance studio in Boston where I can get started on that??

    Have a happy week!