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Baby, Baby, Baby, NOO

Although Justin Beiber did not make the cut for my list today as one may think from the title, I do enjoy him. However, I’m talking about literal babies, not his tween girlf. Read on.
  1. Dinner at the in-laws. Kinda. I guess they’re not really my in-laws, as I am very single and have no plans of having in-laws for a while. But my sister Em will! She’s marrying a very dear family friend D who we have known all our lives. She’s a twin, he’s a twin….and no, the other subsets of the twin pairs are not dating too. I get that question a lot. Anywho, my sister’s fiancé’s sister (awkward wording but true) lives around me in Boston and I went to her house for dinner tonight. Nothing like grilled kebabs, corn on the cob, and mac and cheese 🙂 So great to catch up and make some summer plans.
    My soon-to-be “sister in-law” is also a soon-to-be mom! She is preggers for the first time, and we’re all veeeeery excited about it! Some of the dinner talk tonight was about new clothes to fit the baby bump, baby gadgets, the terrible 3’s (apparently it’s worse than the 2’s), and food that makes her sick. I am definitely happy that she is expecting and will help watch the little one once he/she arrives, but my life as a single 22 year old is so far from motherhood. Of course I’ve thought about it, but there are things I’d like to get done before that happens – a little travelling, settling into a good career that makes me happy, finding the right man to have said babies with…all important steps in readying myself for motherhood.  My schedule now is so topsy tuvry and unpredictable that it would be difficult to even have a dog in Boston, unfortunately. I’ll have to start small: Maybe I’ll get a bonsai tree to trigger my mothering gene and see where it goes from there!
  2. A friend parallel parked my car tonight. Living in Boston has proved to be difficult behind the wheel. Roads were literally built from cowpaths. Paths that cows used to walk. Not cars. The city looks like a damn ant farm from above. I have learned to parallel park my car for the second time because I hadn’t done that since my driving test (oh the benefits of living in horse country Maryland). Alas, I’m not very good, so I’m grateful for my car-loving friend who parks my car when I can’t.
  3. My roommate’s shirt. It’s an expertly self tie-dyed shirt that reads “gay? fine by me.” Simple and poignant. Get it girl.
  4. This song. Being jealous of 12 and 8 year olds is normal right?
  5. Solidifying plans for the Cape at the end of this month. I’ve never been!!! Any suggestions as to where I should visit???

Keep yourself happy!