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Not-So-Laborious Day Weekend: Part 2


The weekend festivities continue.

I got back late Saturday night from The Cape and jumped right in bed. I couldn’t even get through half of my all-time favorite movie – Shakespeare in Love – without passing out because I was so tired from a long, and exciting, day. Sunday morning came, and it was one of those mornings that called for a good run. By noon, I had run 3 miles, showered, and started driving to Morgan’s house in northern Mass. I would say that is a productive morning!

We helped prepare Morgan’s house for their first annual authentic New England lobster bake! I had never even seen one of these before so I was pretty stoked for the experience, let alone the LOBSTER! Morgan’s family did extensive research on the topic and was prepared with everyone one needs for a lobster bake. Along with a back up plan of pizza 🙂 No need for that though, because it turns out lobsters can be cooked in the ground! Who knew?

Steps to a successful lobster bake:

  1. Dig a large hole in the beach – about 3′ by 3′ – and cover the bottom with rocks.
  2. Start a large bonfire in there with a ton of dry wood and let it burn down until it’s only hot rocks and ash.
  3. Layer the lobster bake racks (wooden framed squares with wire nets in the middle) filled with food into the hot hole. We had one layer of lobsta, one layer with steamers and taters, and the top layer was corn on the cob (expertly shucked by some of the prettiest, most talented corn shuckers around).

The makings of a late summer feast

Expertly done, I do say!

And in they go! Along with some preordered seaweed.

4. Cover the racks and hole with a soaking canvas and let the hot rocks and ash cook the whole meal with steam. The trick to this is waiting, for one thing, but you can put an egg on each corner of the top rack and when it is hardboiled, the food is cooked! So neat right? Well, for 20 hungry people, it is really anti-climactic when the egg comes up still raw.

The other guests arrived and the games began! Cornhole was the main attraction that night, along with some friendly family rivalry. Rosie and I snapped a few roommate pics on the beach while we waited for dinner to cook. I can’t believe it’s already been a year! Such a crazy time, but a great time 🙂

Describes us well!

And the wicked cool lobsta was definitely worth the wait!That night, the foursome (Me Rosie Morgan and Katherine) went out to a very local yocal bar for reggae night – such a good time! I love dancing to the bouncy, rhythmic tunes of reggae. The band and the excellent weather right on the water with some local characters was the perfect way to end the night.

Monday came – the final day of summer pretty much – and we spent it allllll outside! Pancakes were on tap for breakfast that morning, of the blueberry variety, and then into our swim suits we went! Most of the day and afternoon was spent by the pool, in the pool, and around the pool. Rosie and I even had one last swim in the ocean before it closes for the winter (as in the temperatures drop below 70).

Please excuse my pile of clothes, they seem to take away from the beauty of the landscape.


One stop at Katherine’s to catch the rays at her lovely casa was the best way to end the day. And a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich.

The foursome

My girl!

Thanks to sooo many people for allowing me into your homes this weekend, because I certainly had a wonderful weekend! It was the perfect way to top off the summer, and I couldn’t have asked for better friends up here in Boston 🙂 Here’s to a great fall and winter as well!

Now onto fasting this week because I ate so much over the past 4 days. Hitting the gym today!

Labor Day Weekend: Part 1


Turns out the key to a successful blog is consistent posting…I gotta step up my game hard. Luckily, I had a really exciting long weekend, and I can’t wait to tell you guys about it 🙂 This labor day weekend was 0 parts labor, 10 parts weekend. I treated it mainly as a last HURRAH for summer 2012, so I wanted to spend the whole time outside soaking up the sun one last time.

Weekend preview!

Friday, everyone got out of work early so I decided to take advantage of the perfect afternoon with a workout on the Harvard stadium steps to give my gluteus maximus a kick in the gluteus maximus. Usually, I do the stairs with Meg and some of her friends, but I’ve never done it without anyone else to motivate me to do one more section (of which there are 37). I found myself getting tired way faster than I wanted to, and it wasn’t just because of the stifling afternoon heat. Having another person doing the workout with you is much more exciting than doing it alone. Let’s face it – workouts get tedious every once in a while, so bringing someone along heightens the fun-factor of exercise. This solo sesh was not ideal, but I still got in half the stadium (18 sections up and down), along with 30 push ups and 30 tricep dips. And since no one was in the stadium other than me, some loud self-motivation was necessary towards the last, oh, 16 sections.

At the halfway point

My real weekend started VERY early Saturday morning. While many of you were still dreaming of weekend possibilities, I woke up at 6:00am to beat the traffic to Cape Cod for a fun-filled day trip. Luckily, it was worth it because I made it to my destination in 2 hours flat without any car troubles or fist fights (Boston drivers are truly in a league of their own). A friend of Meg’s from grad school has a house on the Cape, and Meg and Dave were staying there for the weekend with her wonderful family. We got right to business as soon as I arrived – after a few local, handmade donuts, we could almost hear the beach calling our names.

We spent our morning floating on rafts playing with her three sons aged 11, 9, and 6. There is definitely a special place in heaven for the mother of 3 boys. As I never had a brother, I know nothing about boys growing up and man oh man, do they have a lot of energy! Always eating, chasing each other, and building or destroying things. They were all very well-behaved though, and I had such a good time hanging out with the little ones 🙂

Our afternoon consisted of a short nap, a long bike ride, and a delicious lunch from a local (very popular) food truck called Sunbird.  I ordered a hotdog with ketchup, while others had fish tacos or a market sandwich. YUM! The atmosphere at this place was so pleasing – colorful picnic tables, tons of potted flowers, and an awesome playlist of 60’s music blasting out of invisible speakers. We were jamming along to the Allman Brothers as we waited for our food, and I didn’t mind one bit!

A gourmet truck

For dinner, we went to another local food place called Mac’s on the Pier, known for their clam chowder. I ordered that, of course, and wasn’t disappointed. Others had fish and chips, a pork burrito (a little out of place, Meg), and fried clams. Sitting right on the water with the sail boats was the perfect way to continue my day at the Cape.

But it didn’t stop there! I decided to stay an hour or two later than I had planned in order to make the bonfire on the beach. They had gotten special permission and a permit to be able to fire up the ‘mallows on the beach, so it was a must attend event. We set up shop on the beach right before sunset. There were surfers in the water after sharks were cited in the area this week (Jaws much???) which didn’t seem like such a great idea, but definitely made for a good picture.

The highlight of the night was s’making s’mores s’on s’the s’beach. For some reason, these were a lot better than the ones I’ve had previously this summer. Maybe because it was my last one and I wanted to treasure the marshmallow-y goodness.

It’s hard to capture night landscapes on film, but instagram puts up a good effort.

I left after the sun went down and the moon began rising pink on the horizon – a gorgeous night spent on the beach! It was hard to take myself out of that situation, but duty calls back in Boston. What a great start to the weekend! More to come….

Finally Unstoppable


What a busy Tuesday! Fortunately, I didn’t have the same travel woes that I did yesterday, so I got to work on time and ate my bowl of Life while doing my morning Facebooking per usual.

Until today, every time you saw me like this:

without glasses

….it meant that I was blind. I have worn glasses since the fifth grade and it has never created a problem. My sight really isn’t that bad; it all started because I couldn’t see what Mrs. Davis was writing on the board, but I really thought that no one else could either. I’ll never forget the first day with glasses – the trees had leaves, signs appeared out of nowhere with writing on them, and faces started making more sense. The need for contacts has never been so evident as it has recently. In college, I knew where I was going, so street signs were insignificant; thus I could go out without my glasses. But here in Boston, I’m lucky if I make it to the first street light without getting lost. Sight is a must. I thought, after 12 years, it was finally time to give in and get contacts.

The doctor gave me my first trial pair today! She told me before we started our learning session that she had this psychic feeling that I would be totally fine putting them in and out, so I guess that’s the vibe I’m giving people? Turns out she was right and I’m a natural contact-wearer. It took me a minute but I successfully covered my eyeballs in flimsy plastic…twice! Apparently I have a crazy astigmatism so I need special lenses that are weighted at the bottom to keep them in place and aligned correctly. It takes a little bit to get them in the right place, and my eyes are still getting used to them, but we’ll see how the week goes with them. All you contact-wearers out there: I’d love to hear any tricks of the trade you may have! It’s crazy how well I can see without glasses when I wear contacts. I feel so aerodynamic and without limits! So that’s what everyone was talking about, huh?

Meanwhile back at the farm, I mean work, I had my yearly performance evaluation. Scurry at first (are they going to talk about my recent internet searches: “how many inches is 42mm?”, “how to road trip across the country”, and “truculent definition” to name a few) but it was super helpful. I was happy to hear the good stuff and really interested in things I can improve upon. They like me, they really like me!

After work, I had dinner with Meg, Dave, and Luna – always a staple in my week. We had a particularly delicious summer meal this evening. After Meg helped me with my contacts, we got to work on dinner:

Grilled polenta stackers complete with homemade pesto, local tomatoes, and mozz. So. Flipping. Good. We also had my favorite turkey burgers made with cilantro (LOVE cilantro!) with an apricot preserve on top for a little sweetness. I mean I’m literally dreaming of this meal and it’s still sitting in my belly doing a little belly-dance (get it?!?!?!)

in all their glory

I had a cupcake for dessert, but not just any cupcake. We stopped by a cupcake stand in Meg’s neighborhood that was manned by the 3 cutest children I’ve ever seen. All siblings, all with the best freckles ever. Since Meg is gluten free and can’t eat cupcakes (sad), Dave and I both got one for a little treat after dinner. Take a look at this guy:

Talk about a trendy cupcake

This cupcake has more neon then I have in my closet. I couldn’t resist. And yes it was glorious. Thanks kids! Meg will be back to buy tomates in the fall!

Our post-dessert-TV-shows are in limbo right now: some have ended (Rizzoli and Isles) and others haven’t started back again (Glee, New Girl) so we scrounged for a good show. We landed on a Shark Week episode that aired last week. Remind me to never go in the water again.

Food for thought: I’m thinking of going on a no processed food week to see how it goes. Has anyone ever done that? Any advice??