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Bike and Berry Adventures


Oh Mondays. Mondays, Mondays, Mondays. Does the weekend really have to end? It’s always difficult to wake up on these mornings, but it must be done. I had an interesting start to the morning, actually…the bus I usually take to work was really late so I contemplated taking another bus, ran to the bus stop, missed the bus, and walked home defeated. One of the many woes of taking public transportation. I thought about taking my bike to work, but was scared about riding in the traffic because I’m still really new at it. So I sat on my bed checking the weather and waited for the next bus and got safely to work. Stressful.

Wait, did I tell you that I bought a bike?! Well I did last week! It was a bit of an impulse buy, but she’s really pretty and I think she’ll fit right in with my little family in Boston. To appease my sisters, I found an alternative way to get to and from work without using big roads and minimal left hand turns. Those are surprisingly hard when you’re almost invisible to cars. I tried it out tonight, and success! I’ll be taking advantage of the last bit of bike-riding weather, while saving the world and crushing my carbon footprint.

I think I’ll call her Ruby

I tend to name things that are important to me. Ruby for my bike, Blanche for my wonderful Subaru (behind the Rubester), Scarlet for my GPS (that was my mom’s doing but I liked it). Wow, I hope I still have friends by the end of this post….

Speaking of friends, I couldn’t get enough of them this weekend! We hit the town BOTH Friday and Saturday nights (despite my youth, it doesn’t happen that often) and had two awesome girls nights together 🙂

Contrary to popular belief, the perfect way to cure a hangover on Sundays, I have realized, is picking blackberries and then making a pie. Morgan, Katherine, Rosie and I went to an orchard in Ipswich to get some blackberries, only to realize that we’re kinda in between picking seasons and got a lot of sour berries. Did that stop us? Please…..we simply added some extra sweetness to the pie with fresh summer peaches (and a few handfuls of sugar 😉 ). Morgs is a pastry chef, so she guided our culinary adventure.

Plenty of berries for pie, lemonade, and snacking 🙂

Amazing summer colors!

Expert berry pickers

The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging on her porch chatting, napping curled up in blue quilts, creeping on dudes in boats, and taking in the view of the ocean.

Pretty much nothing was missing from this awesome day – well unless of course Johnny Depp were to ride a horse onto the beach with a big ole bag of M&Ms. But I’m sure he was busy.

Let’s keep these busy weekends coming!