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Finding My Way


As many of you may know, your twenties are a time of great opportunity, adventure, excitement, self-exploration, and a couple of really freakin’ big decisions. We’re at the cusp of adulthood – college is over, careers have started (and maybe stopped, started again), locations change, friends are made, and still we somehow find time to go to the gym. This time in our lives has such an influence on what happens next that it’s hard to take any decision lightly.; example: “If I have yogurt for breakfast instead of cereal will that change the outcome of my morning, afternoon, evening?? OMG this is serious, which one should I eat? I’m freaking out!!!!!” Just a typical morning in the life of a 23 year old.

For reals though. Recently, I’ve been very hung up on the big questions of my future: what can I do (and where) that will make me happy? Should I stay in Boston, or move closer to family? Is graduate school a good idea right now? My possibilities are literally endless, which makes things a bit interesting. Yes, I have the option of going to Paris and falling in love with a beautiful Frenchman with a vineyard in the country, but is that the right thing to do? I’ve considered being a Zoomba instructor, patient advocate, meteorologist, personal shopper, a broadway singer – you name it, I thought about becoming one. My mind has been jumbled for some time now trying to make sense of all the options, and this week, I feel like I’ve made progress.

Me, Hannah, and Juli grubbing in Baltimore

Me, Hannah, and Juli grubbing in Baltimore

After seeing 2 of my wonderful college roommates Juli and Hannah last weekend, I told them my troubles. Juli emailed me this Monday with a very inspiring quote she found about living into your 3rd decade. (it’s a long quote, so I’m going to put my favorite take-away points here)

This season is about becoming…Ask yourself some good questions like: “Am I proud of the life I’m living? What have I tried this month?”…life is a grand adventure. Give today all the love and intensity and courage you can, and keep traveling honestly along life’s path.

Thems the troof! Take advantage of what you have at this point in life, see how lucky you are, and run with it. Be who you are, love and enjoy your friends, and take time out of the every day to go on adventures. It started to hit me that I’m not the only one with this lost feeling, and I can make my life path go in any direction. It’s all up to me 🙂

Then Tuesday, my current roommate Jane took me to an event at her job. She works for a non-profit organization called Year Up that gives less-fortunate 18-24 year olds the skills and opportunity to find a fulfilling job. It jumpstarts their lives. Tuesday night, a class of about 120 students graduated from the program, most with awesome jobs, or at least some great job experience under their belt. A couple of them gave speeches to an audience of almost 1000 about their struggles before they discovered Year Up, and how much it has turned their life around.

After hearing stories like Sean’s, it put my life into perspective and I started to see things differently. Things could always be worse, and I honestly have a wonderful life filled with amazing people and opportunities. It also lit a fire inside me that motivated me to search for something more, to “go hard or go home”, and find something inside of me that I can be proud of. I went to work on Wednesday feeling a little happier to have a great job at a great company in a great city. Great! But who knows how long this will last until I find my next endeavor. So until then, I’m going to fully take advantage of my youth and the endless possibilities that come with it. Maybe I’ll even take up French! 😉

Oh, and this video is all over my facebook, inspring everyone to “find your Space Jam”.